2010 Charitable Contributions Wrap-Up

We don’t donate a ton but we give money to worthy causes when we can, as well as some regular donations.   Here’s a run down of what we did in 2010.  I don’t name specific charities or organizations only because I think that each person should do their research and give to those groups which they feel are best suited for their dollars.

This year a majority of our donations went to weekly giving at our church.  We set it up so that the giving is automatic, which (in theory) encourages us to go to church more often.  We have been somewhat lax in this regard.

I also gave a small amount to a church that I no longer attend, but that was a big part of my life growing up.  It was my grandparent’s church.  She passed away in 2009 and hadn’t been able to attend regularly for a few years due to declining health, but that church was a cornerstone of her (and my grandfather before he died as well) life.

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, we gave some money to the relief organization we felt was best suited to deliver aid to those in need.

Food Bank
We provided donations to food banks, timing it so that our contributions were matched by local retailers and banks.  Hopefully this provided meals around the holidays.

Both my wife and I donated money to the endowment funds for our undergraduate school.

Local Museum & Zoo
We purchased a zoo membership, which is technically a pass for admission, but is also (partially) tax deductible, so I thought it worth listing.

We also gave a small amount to a museum in our city, which we have enjoyed on multiple occasions and plan on using even more once our children are old enough to start learning about ‘old times’ and such.

That’s about it.  As always, we would have loved to have given more, but we are happy with the number of organizations, groups, and charities we supported throughout the year.  Our hope is that it made a difference somewhere in someone’s life!