Weekly Roundup: March 19, 2010

As part of the Yakezie Challenge, I’ve come across a whole slew of great new blogs.  Here are three great articles I came across with other members in this group who have taken on the similar challenge of improving their Alexa website rating:

  • Fiscal FizzleHow To Sell Your Car On Craigslist – I sold a car last year on Craigslist and this pretty much sums up a lot of things that I learned.  I know a lot of people are leery of scams, but following your gut and some good advice can minimize this possibility.
  • Sweating the Big Stuff The 5 Worst Ways To Save Money – Saving money is great, but here are some ways not to go about it.   The last one is the way that I think most people ultimately get caught (you’ll have to click in to read what it is!)
  • Punch Debt In The FaceTalking Finance With Girl Ninja – This is a great article that talks about how to talk with someone who is not involved and/or part of the financial side of things.  I will actually have some conversation around a similar situation, so this was a great timed read!

Other great reads who aren’t in the challenge:

Check them out (but don’t forget to come back!) and enjoy some great reads by other bloggers who have unique perspectives into personal blogging.

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