Spring To Do List: One Month Check-Up

A month ago, I wrote about a list of things I wanted to get done during the spring months.  I’ve made some progress (and added a few other things to the list) so I thought a one month check-up was in order:

  1. Basement Cleaning and Reorganization – This was already DONE when I wrote the draft, though truthfully I need to do some freshening up.  The painting projects (see below) have created another mess and made it clear that my paint supplies need a going over.
  2. Replace backup sump pump battery – Still IN PROCESS.  I did remove the old battery and know what I need to get to replace it, but I still need to get the actual battery and re-install it.
  3. Repair and repaint bathroom ceiling – Still IN PROCESS though I did make progress.  Most of the ceiling is painted.  I had to do a lot of prep work before painting and had one spot not ‘revealed’ that it wasn’t quite prepped during the middle of painting, I’d be done.  I just need to paint over the trouble spot and this will be done.
  4. Repair and repaint damaged bathroom wallDONE!  I spent a couple of weekends on the painting projects in the bathroom, and fortunately the wall didn’t give me any snags, so I was able to finish this.
  5. Unclog master bath sink drainDONE!  This was a pretty quick process and you can read more about it here if you’ve been having any drains run slow and are looking for a quick how-to.
  6. Clean window blindsIN PROCESS.  I did a couple tests of ways to clean them.  I was hoping to find something that didn’t involve taking down each blind but that would clean it effectively, so I tried a few different things.  I found that rags and a good cleaning mixture seems to do the trick, so my plan is to tackle these a little bit at a time, with the goal to be done by Memorial Day.  I’m about 40% done right now.
  7. Clean inside windows IN PROCESS – I was planning on buying some streak-free cleaner as the Windex we have was leaving streaks, but then I stumbled upon the trick of cleaning with newspaper, and that has done the trick, so I’ve been cleaning the windows along with the blinds.
  8. Re-paint shuttersNOT STARTED – I haven’t gotten to this painting yet, but I’m not convinced that the shutters actually need to be re-painted.
  9. Re-paint front door / garage entry doorNOT STARTED – I haven’t gotten to painting the front door, but that definitely needs it as it’s very faded.
  10. Assemble swing setNOT STARTED – This is still at my in-laws and not a high priority since Baby Beagle is not active enough to get full value out of this.
  11. Clean deck NOT STARTED – I have everything I need but need to wash the deck and bring up the patio furniture.
  12. Clean garageNOT STARTED – I can knock this out in a few hours so no worries here.
  13. Clean out dryer lineNOT STARTED – I kind of forgot about this but it’s definitely a must-do!
  14. Hang clockDONE! – I was able to hang the antique clock passed down to me from my grandmother.  The clock is estimated to be over 100 years old.  It’s working great and I’m hoping that it stays working and in the family for at least another 100 years! 
  15. (NEW) –  Mulch planting beds DONE! – I purchased about four and a half yards of mulch and re-mulched our planting beds.  Mulch provides a barrier to minimize weeding, and keeps moisture around our trees and bushes.  I got the mulch at 50% off during a four-day sale at Home Depot!
  16. (NEW) –  Get trees trimmed DONE! – We have a heavily wooded lot, so we had a tree-trimming company come out and do some clean-up and trimming.
  17. (NEW) –  Get a check-up on the furnace and A/C DONE! – We’ve never had a check-up or tune-up done on the furnace and air conditioning unit done since we moved in during 2007 and I have no idea if anything was ever done before.  We had a recommended company come out and check both units out, as they are both about twelve years old.  Both checked out pretty good, and are now clean, tuned-up and hopefully ready to run for a good long time!

So, all in all:

DONE – 7 of 17 items
IN PROCESS – 4 of 17 items
NOT STARTED – 6 of 17 items.

Could be better but could be a lot worse.  All in all, I’m happy with how things are coming along at the Beagle household this spring.

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3 thoughts on “Spring To Do List: One Month Check-Up

  1. Great list! I'm going to have to do me one of those!!!

    Thanks for reminding me about the AC checkup!!!

  2. Hey MB,
    I admire your organization and goal setting.
    The one thing on your list I hate doing most of all is cleaning the blinds.

    Do you ever work on the hardest or least liked task first so that the rest of the tasks seem more enjoyable?


  3. Thanks for the comments. Guy, I sometimes try to tackle the hardest jobs first but often I'm constrained by time, availability, or just what makes sense.

    I agree, the blinds are a pain but since I'm doing a little bit at a time, they're manageable.

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