Weekly Blog Roundup: April 9, 2010

Here are few great blog articles I’ve read over the past few days:

Yakezie Challenge Members:

  • Ultimate Money BlogThe Economy Sucks, So…. – Good read which makes you stop and think on how much we’re using the ‘economy’ as a catch-all excuse these days.
  • Sweating The Big StuffWhen You SHOULDN’T Worry About Money – This is a nice written article which talks about times when it’s probably a better idea to focus on some of the benchmark numbers for net worth and various ratios that financial gurus will often point to.
  • Financial SamuriPlay Games To Save Money And Achieve Your Goals – Cool little ways to trick yourself (and have fun in the process) into reaching your financial goals.  I wouldn’t recommend these for huge decisions but for little things, this is a great idea, and we all know that the little things add up quick!

A must read by a non-Yakezie member:

Check them out (but don’t forget to come back!) and enjoy some great reads by other bloggers who have unique perspectives into personal blogging.

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