Baby Beagle Turns One In One Week

It’s amazing that almost an entire year has gone by since we welcomed Baby Beagle into the world.  Baby Beagle turns one year old in a week!

Time has gone by so fast in that year that it’s unfathomable to look back on the first time we held our little baby in our arms for the first time and realize that it was an entire year ago.  We’ve learned so much and watched him grow and learn, yet there is so much more ahead of us!

We are planning a first birthday party for him on Saturday.  Mrs. Beagle has been furiously working on this and that to get our house ready and make sure everything is covered for the celebration.  We’re not going all out but we are trying to make it a memorable occasion, even though Baby Beagle won’t be able to remember it.

My father-in-law and I put up a swing / play set in our backyard this past weekend.  While he’s still too little to really enjoy it, the deal we got we couldn’t pass up.  It was free!  A family in my in-laws neighborhood was moving because they could no longer afford their home, and offered the swing / play set to us at no charge.  We did end up giving them some money for it, and there were some costs in replacement parts and screws for things that we felt were worn out, but we got a set that would probably cost $1,000 new for what amounted to a fraction of that in dollar costs as well as a little bit of labor in tearing it down and putting it back together.

Happy (almost) Birthday, Baby Beagle!

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