Back From Vacation!

The Beagle family was on vacation last week, so the site was on auto-pilot for a few days.

Thanks to all the people who read and commented, and also to the two guest bloggers who had timely requests for guest posts.

The trip was great.  We were down in Florida along the gulf coast.  We watched the news that showed the massive oil spill plaguing the gulf area, but thankfully none of that had impacted the area where we were.  Hopefully they get this thing figured out and cleaned up quickly.

I worked in the gulf region a few years ago for about six months, and I love the area and the weather and being near the ocean, but I don’t think I would want to live there.  During my six month assignment, the area I was staying at was hit by one of the number of hurricanes that plagued the area that year (2004), and the condo I was renting sustained significant damage, including a damaged roof which led to most of the ceilings collapsing.  Down the coastline things were much worse.

Between everything I’ve seen over the years, I must say that I love the gulf region, but I think I’d rather keep my visits to vacations or temporary assignments. It just seems there is always some major disaster striking or around the corner.  Michigan, as most know, is not in the best shape economically right now, but natural and man-made catastrophic disasters seem to be a lot lower in terms of risk.

Anyways, I’m back from vacation and looking forward to getting back in the swing of things as summer ramps up!

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