I Admit, I’m A Cheater (And I Don’t Feel Guilty)

10Friday I did something that some people would say I should be ashamed of:

I cheated….

…on my….

….hair stylist!

I bet some of you thought that was headed in a totally different direction.  Shame on you!

Because, while I would never cheat on Mrs. Beagle, I don’t have the same level of commitment with my hair stylist.

And, yes, I do actually have a ‘hair stylist’ in the loose sense of the term.  I found a place that I liked which is near both work and home.  They always seemed to get me in pretty quickly, their prices were good, they had coupons, and they did a nice job on my hair.

I found someone that I liked a lot and started going to her regularly.  While my haircut is about as simple as they come, I still prefer finding someone that I know is going to do a good job every single time.

But, as I admitted earlier, I cheated this past week.


Because it saved me $7.

There’s a new place that opened a location near our house.  They were offering a $4.99 introductory special.  So, I jumped!  I normally pay $11-14, averaging around $12, depending on the coupon.

The haircut was good.  I still prefer the normal cut I get, and will start going back to my normal place and my normal stylist next time, but $7 is $7.

Who knows?  Maybe she won’t even know I cheated.  But if she does find out, hopefully she’s the forgiving type!

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3 thoughts on “I Admit, I’m A Cheater (And I Don’t Feel Guilty)

  1. Hee hee…..

    I have been toying with the idea of going to a hair styling school as a change of pace. Normally my hair cut is about $17 with tip.

    I don't typically color my hair at the salon, but have been thinking about it as a splurge. Again, the school will be cheaper.

    But I would feel soooo guilty when I needed my next cut and went back to the usual gal!

  2. I cheated before, and was caught. I wasn't caught in the Seinfeldian way where the haircutter showed up at my house. But when I went and got my haircut the next time with my regular hairdresser, she could tell I went somewhere else based on how it was cut.

    Isn't it funny how we are all afraid of being caught betraying our hair stylist?

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