Water Rates Going Up….Again

Another year, another double digit water rate increase for our city.

I guess it’s another sign of the times, but it’s just annoying that we have had some of the highest water rate increases in the state over the last few years.  Surrounding cities have had smaller increases.

I love having a nice green grass but I’ve been watering it less and less this year.  For awhile we had a nice rainfall every few days, it seemed, so there wasn’t a need.  Now, it’s starting to dry out a little bit.

I’m gong to still water it, but definitely going to cut back from what I’ve done in the past.  I can’t stand the neighbors who give up on watering altogether.  To me, if you have a lawn, you should maintain it.  I guess where I need to move is to not having to have a lush green grass.

Somewhere in the middle is fine.

Of course, the sucky thing about that is that part of the water rate increases are actually because of decreased usage.  Less and less water is being used as people conserve, but the fixed costs remain the same so they have to raise the rates to make up for the decreased amounts coming in.

It seems a never ending cycle.

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