Good News: The Electric Bill Was High!

OK, so that’s not all good news, but bear with me.

The weeks in the last billing cycle were pretty hot.  We had quite a few days in the high 80’s and even into the 90’s.  In addition, there were quite a few humid days.  This meant that we were running our central air quite a bit.  The front of our house (where both our bedroom and that of Little Boy Beagle face) gets a lot of afternoon sun and there isn’t much any shade, so for us, the A/C is a necessity when it gets into the mid-80s.

Still, on nights when it cools off and isn’t humid, we’ll open the windows, and close them up again the next day before the house gets too warm.

Even so, I knew that we’d used our A/C more than any other month than in the past.  I looked and our previous ‘all-time-high’ bill was $160.  I was estimating that we’d probably hit in the neighborhood of $225-250 for the current bill.

So, when I got the e-bill, I hesitated for a moment, not sure what I’d find.  And, while it did crush the previous all-time high, it came in at $192.

I was happy with that because it was lower than I’d estimated, plus we didn’t cross the $200 threshold.

Hopefully this month is a little cooler and we can stave off another year before we have to worry about crossing the $200 mark.  So, while the electric bill was high, the good news is that it wasn’t as high as I’d feared it might be!

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1 thought on “Good News: The Electric Bill Was High!

  1. That's always nice to have something cost less than you expected- its akin to finding $5 in your pocket! =)

    Hope you're keeping cool!

    It's really hot where I'm at too.

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