Do You Ever Leave Coupons Behind?

Sales and savings are things that you want to share all the time.  However, I think it would be very odd if I were to talk up to random people in the store and try to promote sale items or say “Did you know there was a coupon for that in Sunday’s paper?”

People can make their own decisions and decide how much they want to save.

One thing I have done, though, is to leave coupons behind that I know I won’t use.  Now, we don’t clip every coupon in the inserts and take them around to the store.  While that would be generous, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

However, there are times where it makes sense:

  • If the sale never happened – Sometimes, we clip a coupon with the intention of buying the item only if to goes on sale, so that we can ‘stack’ the coupon with the sale.  If the store never puts the item on sale, the coupon will go unused.
  • If you clipped it as a maybe item – Some coupons never go unused in our house, but some items you clip as a maybe item, depending on what meals you might or might not make, and whether you’re unsure as to what ingredients you don’t have
  • You clipped a bunch and used a few – We buy pouches of kitty treats, and there are always coupons for these.  We usually clip them all out and then stock up when there are sales to get the maximum discount (often close to free).  By the time we buy them, we usually have a dozen coupons, which gives us many options.  We don’t need them all, so I’ll leave the rest behind since I know that the coupon will most likely expire before our next round of buying.

I know that others have done this from time to time, because sometimes I’ll see a random coupon sitting on a store shelf.

Have you ever left a coupon behind in hopes that you can save somebody else some money?  Have you ever picked up and used a coupon in that situation?

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7 thoughts on “Do You Ever Leave Coupons Behind?

  1. I haven't left coupons, but there are always a few on the shelves when I go grocery shopping. I tend to use only about 50% of my clipped coupons, so this is a good way to let others put them to use.

    P.S. I'm also a cat-treat "hoarder" — they're so cheap with the coupons!

  2. Yes. I have left coupons in the hopes that someone will be able to use them.

    I haven't picked one off the shelf and used one yet.

  3. Oh yes, I do leave coupons that I know I will not use. Just repaying the Karma… from the coupons that have been left for me and others:)

  4. I've picked up coupons and used them. Can't pass up free money if it's on a product I'd use anyway! I rarely leave coupons but have done so in the past when I decide not to do a deal.

  5. I've left coupons that I didn't use. I've also told people about sales and coupons in the store.

    In Costco, people usually bring the coupon booklet and will giveaway their coupons while in the checkout line. I've seen this often.

  6. My wife and I leave coupons behind all the time. If we know we won't use it we figure someone will come along and benefit from the coupon anyway.

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