How Do You Keep Your Kids and Christmas Tree Separated?

We have a very active toddler who likes to explore and get into everything.

With the Christmas tree season coming up, we are looking for ways to protect the tree and the toddler from one another.

There’s always the options of not putting up the tree, which we will be doing in part.  We usually put up three trees, one normal tree, one slimmed down tree, and a really skinny tree.  We’ll be cutting that back to one this year.

Still, it’s impossible to keep him away from things that interest him.  Even if we put the ornaments higher to protect them, he still loves to touch and examine things, and we know that the allure will be too much for him to stay away from.

We’ve looked into the baby gates that are designed to be free standing for kids.  That’s always an option.

My dad actually sent a really interesting option and that’s surrounding it with a pet exercise pen.  They are much cheaper and I think could we could even attach ours to the window sill board with a couple of eye hooks to provide a greater circumfrence area of protection.

I’m sure some of my readers have had creative solutions to this issue.  If you have any ideas on how to keep the toddler and the tree apart, I’d love to hear them!

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Keep Your Kids and Christmas Tree Separated?

  1. Last year when my youngest was 1, he took a pretty glass ornament off the tree and tried to eat it like an apple. He took a bite and it shattered all in his mouth. It scared the crap out of me but he was fine with not a scratch on him.

    He didn't mess with the tree after that. I generally don't babyproof anything beyond cleaning chemicals. They do learn eventually not to touch stuff they aren't supposed to.

  2. When ours were little, we got a smaller tree, and bolted it to a cheap decorators table and then bolted the table to the wall. Even if they pulled to stand, it wasn't going anywhere. We didn't put ornaments on the bottom where little hands could reach. It wasn't ideal, but it worked for the time.

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