I Hate My Toaster

Toasters are one of those things that most people don’t give much thought to.  I pretty much thought that toasters were all the same except for what they look like on the outside and how many slots they have.

Evidently I was wrong.

Our toaster is pretty basic as they go.  It’s a shiny stainless steel model that sits in it’s place of honor between the stovetop and the coffee maker.

I’ve realized, after comparing two recent bagel warming experiences, that all toasters are not created equal. And that ours is lacking.

For whatever reason, our toaster doesn’t seem to heat things to a nice warm temperature unless you burn the crap out of whatever you put in there.

I like my stuff to come out heated through (to where butter melts on it) but not overly crispy.

This simply isn’t possible with our toaster.  It’s either lukewarm or crispy.  No in between.

I brought in a bagel to work and heated it there and it came out perfect.  Our toaster, not so much.

I don’t get it.  It’s pretty much just a bunch of coils that heat up?  How could one (really ugly) toaster at work do so much better than one sitting on our counter?

Or am I just becoming a bagel snob?  Hey, that’s always possible too!

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4 thoughts on “I Hate My Toaster

  1. Come on over and check out my blog post from this week about how to complain and get a new toaster!

    But seriously, some toasters are just cheap or crappy (i had one from $10 from CVS once, it actually steamed the bread?) Others can start to behave weird before they are about to short. Shorting is not good because there is potential for a fire, which is bad. It's worth it to contact the manufacturer

  2. @PF, it's not anything that's going wrong with the toaster in terms of a possible electrical problem, but it's been that way since we first got it. I just use it so infrequently that I never really paid attention to how crazy bad it is actually toasting things.

    I took a closer look at it this weekend and I think it's just bad design. The heating coils seem to be placed further away from where the bread goes than other toasters, so the heat never really gets to penetrate the bagel or bread.

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