Dear Babie R Us, Please Buy A Dictionary

When you read the fine print, sometimes these posts just write themselves!

All – It’s a word we probably use every day without thinking about it.

Some of the dictionary.comdefinitions include:

  • the whole number of
  • every
  • the whole quantity or amount
  • wholly; entirely; completely 

Seems pretty much a given that we all know the definition of all, right?

Apparently not so much for our fine friends at Babies R Us.

We got a pamphlet of coupons in the mail the other day, which is always a pretty cool thing when you have a young kid and another baby on the way.

One of the coupons was “Save 15% on ALL laundry detergents” and yes the ALL was even in bold.

Then, right underneath that it says “Excludes Tide and Dreft”

Wait a minute, I thought ALL detergents were on sale.  Wouldn’t it be appropriate to say MOST detergents are on sale, or as it turns out saying SOME detergents are on sale would have been the most appropriate wording of this particular coupon.

See, let’s look at the two that aren’t included in the sale.

Tide is pretty much the benchmark for laundry soap.  If I were shopping for someone who gave me a list and they wrote ‘Laundry Detergent’ without specifying a brand, I would get Tide.   Everybody knows Tide and there would probably be the least chance of having gotten the wrong kind versus any other brand.

And let’s look at Dreft for a second.  I didn’t know this until about 21 months ago (which happened to be when my son was born), but that’s the end all / be all of laundry soaps for baby clothes.

In other words, Babies R Us has a coupon for ALL detergents, except what have to be the two most commonly purchased detergents in their store.

What the heck is that?

I can’t even make this stuff up, people!

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7 thoughts on “Dear Babie R Us, Please Buy A Dictionary

  1. I hate to say this, but this is how marketing works. It is dirty.

    Another trick is the discount coupon that is only good on retail-priced products. That would be great except every single department store (sears, kohls, jc penney) immediately marks down an item as soon as they put it on the rack – making your coupon invalid and they know that.

  2. They do it because they can. People buying Tide and Deft will still buy it if they run out and need it. This is why I have no brand loyalty.

  3. Well, my first thought when I got the the sale wording was that they also could have meant "All" brand laundry detergent. In that case it would mean only one brand was on sale. Even more confusing, huh?

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