Benefits and Drawbacks of Short-Term Loans

Today’s post is a guest post from Pound2Day.

There comes a point in many people’s lives where money is tight and funds are short. Bank accounts are tapped.  Credit cards, for whatever reason, aren’t an option, and there isn’t a good place to turn.  Often, and hopefully it’s a one-time thing, people find that they need short-term influxes of cash. Short Term Loans are one option of getting access to money fast when needed.  Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of short-term loans so you can make a more informed decision about your monetary needs and if this is an option you want to consider.


An applicant can get money fast, often within a single day’s notice. If money must be raised (and I emphasize the word must) quickly, this can get you that money fast.

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When Doing Sink Or Toilet Repairs, Remember This Tip

A lot of money can be saved by doing small repairs around your house yourself instead of calling in a professional.

One of the items I see listed a lot (and with good reason as it’s easy) is to fix your own toilet when it starts to leak.  It’s a pretty painless process but one of the steps that is critical involves turning off the water supply, then turning it back on.

It seems pretty easy and straightforward, but I’ve learned that there can sometimes be a little more to this step than meets the eye.

Often, when a water valve such as a toilet is left in the same position for months or even years at a time, turning it will often create a small leak where it will start dripping right above the handle that you just turned.

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Are You Avoiding These Resume Mistakes?

MSNBC had an article that caught my eye outlining six resume mistakes to avoid.

Four of the six items were noteworthy::

  • Focusing on responsibilities, not accomplishments
  • Including information on too many jobs
  • Being generic (which includes having an ‘Objective’ section)
  • Poor proofreading

I haven’t sent out a resume in years, but I thought I’d pull up my latest version to see where I stand on each of these.

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5 Things It Will Take For Housing To Come Back

The housing market has been in a prolonged slump and shows very few signs of coming out.

I think that housing can come back.  Here are a few things that I think need to happen in order for the housing market to improve.

Actually, let me start with a few things that shouldn’t happen:

  • Stimulus / Government Intervention – The market has too many problems to be corrected by government intervention, and the government can’t afford to throw money at this anymore.  No more bailout programs.  No more tax credits.

Actually, that’s the only one.

Now I can get to the things that need to happen for the housing market to recover:

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Keep Track Of When You Pay For Recurring Costs

I had a mini-freak out moment yesterday.

We did our taxes weeks ago, since we had everything in order as well as the fact that we wanted our refund!

But I freaked out because I had a sudden thought that I may have overstated a deduction, specifically the deduction on property taxes paid (since we itemize).

The reason for the freak-out was because I didn’t keep good enough track of the month we paid a recurring cost.

Here’s the skinny.

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Saving A Bundle On Baking Soda

It took a few months, but I was able to put to the test a couple of tips left by a loyal reader (and great friend) regarding baking soda.

In a previous post, I had griped about how Arm and Hammer changed the print on their ‘designed for fridge and freezer’ boxes, recommending them to be replaced every 30 days instead of 90 days.

Reader Cappatia had suggested:

  • Looking at a warehouse club for baking soda
  • Replacing the contents of the fridge box with fresh baking soda

On our last Costco trip, I purchased a really big (and heavy) bag of baking soda for roughly 40% less than I had been getting it at Meijer.

Step one, complete.  Ca-ching!

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Follow-Up: Trying to Fix The Shower Head

A few weeks ago I wrote about how our shower head had developed an annoying habit of whistling whenever we were showering, a problem that’s gotten noticeably worse.

I did some digging and had some great advice from readers about trying to clean it out and remove deposits, so I finally set out to give it a go.

Getting the old head off was a cinch.  A couple of easy tugs with a pair of pliers loosened it up to where I could remove it easily.

Off to a great start!

I took out two pieces and noted the order and way that they fit in.  I used a couple of brushes to scrub out every area, both inside and outside of the head, that I could possibly reach.

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Extreme Couponing (aka Unleash The Inner Crazy)

My wife clued me into Monday night’s showing of ‘Extreme Couponing’ on TLC.  For those who might not have caught the buzz, each 30-minute episode features two stories of individuals (or families) who save outrageous amounts of money at the grocery store by use of coupons.

My wife and I both watched it, and while the savings by each of the two women featured in the first episode was impressive (98% off their bill in one case), the show didn’t inspire us to start following any of the trends in the episode.

In fact, I walked away feeling more annoyed than anything else.

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Remember When Yahoo Ruled The Universe?

Business Insider featured a great article pointing out how Yahoo is doing great these days…at getting their butts kicked.

This article rang so true for me.

For me, when the Internet became big, Yahoo was numero uno as far as it went.

I thought I’d go back and look at all the various services that I used with Yahoo and see if I still used them or what happened.

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Searching For The American Made Fetzer Valve

How hard is it to find American made stuff these days?

Pretty darn hard, as my father-in-law found out a few weeks ago.

He does a good deal of car repair and maintenance himself, so we think nothing of it when we go over and find one of their cars in some fashion of dis-assembly.

Something to do with the anti-lock brakes was the focus of one recent job. I’m not sure of the exact name of the part, so let’s just say he was looking for a fetzer valve.

My father-in-law decided that he wanted not just any old fetzer valve, but an American made fetzer valve was the order of the day.  There’s been a lot on the news about just how hard it was to find home-made items anymore, so he decided to take on the task of finding a Made in the USA fetzer valve.

He went to the first store closest to home, and found a selection of fetzer valves…..all made in China.

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