Raise The Dirt!

Well, it’s better than raising the roof.

We had quite a bit of rain recently, and I noticed a small leak in the basement wall.  Upon further inspection, I found that there are some low spots along one side of the house.  It’s the only side that has never really gotten a lot of attention, so my guess is that a lot of the rainwater that falls and comes out of the downspout is coming back towards the house.  The leak is tiny with only a few drops appearing on the floor and a small wet spot on the wall, but I know that without attention, the problem will get worse and not better.

It’s been on my list to give this side of the house a little work, but it looks like it will be time this season.

Whatever I do won’t be anything elaborate.  It’s the side of the house that we never go to and that isn’t visible anywhere, so I’m not going to get too fancy. I also want to keep the effort to a minimum, because it’s also the area where all the entry points for the utilities (electrical, gas, sprinkler system, and cable) are congregated, so it’s best to go simple.

Sounds like I have a project for sometime over the summer.  Fun times!

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