Friday Link Roundup: May (Friday the 13th), 2011

Good morning and Happy Friday the 13th!

Now that I’ve sent those of you who are superstitious hiding under the bed, here’s a few great articles I’ve come across over the past few days.

  • Money Is The Root tried out something that, quite frankly, I’d never even heard of before: A penny auction.  You can get things really, really cheap…or so it seems!
  • The Wisdom Journal gives one of the best summaries of what is included in a typical real estate offer for a home (or condo).  A must read for anybody who isn’t familiar with the process.
  • Ultimate Money Blog had a recent household experience where Do-It-Yourself was a recipe for disaster.  I’m sure we’ve all had those moments!
  • I’m always about trying to stay ahead of retailers and the tricks they lure us into so that we spend more money.  Frugal Confessions has a list of five tricks that you should be on the lookout for.
  • Frugal Dad advises not to get caught up in what everybody else is doing when it comes to personal finances, as this could set you back a number of years.
  • Finally, KrantCents lays out the importance of being able to tell a good story or joke.  We’ve all been captivated by that one person who just has that knack of reeling us in.  Each one of us can be that person in the right situation!
  • I participated in two carnivals this week:  The Festival of Frugality was hosted at Canadian Finance Blog and  Prarie Eco Thrifter hosted the Totally Money Carnival.

Enjoy the weekend!

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