Dear Sprint….

Dear Sprint,

Your commercials look great.  Nice and bright and shiny as you advertise that you’re still offering unlimited data.  Awesome.  And at a lower price. Great!

But not so fast, the clouds are coming.  What’s this $10 fee?  $10?  Oh, yes, there it is.  Every smartphone activation requires a $10 fee.

It’s not so bright anymore.  Just a one time fee, right?


Eww, it’s really getting darker in here no, might need to open the window blinds.  That’s $10 a month per smartphone?

So, that $129.99 unlimited family plan could be as high $179.99 if you have five lines all with smartphones?

Wow, we need to turn a light on, it’s getting downright dark in here.

Let’s do the math on that.  Five lines times ten dollars a month times a two year contract on all the lines.

That’s $1,200 extra on top of what you advertise.  $1,200.  All extra on something you don’t have the guts to simply price in, because let’s quit acting dumb, if you’re getting a data plan, you’re getting a smartphone these days.


Running into all sorts of things now.  I can’t see a thing.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Sprint….

  1. I considered moving to Sprint because of those commercials but VZ was nice enough to offer me a new phone when I told them the news so I guess I'll stay for now.

  2. I don't have a smart phone because I can't bring myself to pay the high fees with a data pack and email. I use my laptop and look for free wifi.:)

  3. Thanks for this post! We were considering Sprint, but weren't aware of this hidden fee and it's a hefty one too. I really need to research our options at this point, although each company seems to have their problems.

  4. Haha, that's a great observation. When I got my EVO 4G it was called a 4G fee – and there was no 4G in the Bay Area (yet, it came a few months later).

    So, I guess I don't feel so bad as for me, at least, it's now a 4G fee.

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