What Are The Alternatives To Netflix?

I was talking to my wife about Netflix and told her about last weeks announcement that included the statistic that over 800,000 subscribers quit last quarter and how their stock has fallen around 75% since they started messing with their pricing and other ill-advised strategies that have riled up their customers and sent investors panicking.

She asked me “What are people using instead?”

Good question.

Here are some of the Netflix alternatives I can come up with off the top of my head.

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Parents On A Budget: 6 Things Your Kids Can Do On A Rainy Day

It’s raining, it’s pouring and the kids are saying it’s boring. Does it sound familiar? Here are six practical and interesting ways to entertain the kids, have fun while sticking to a tight budget.
1. Homemade Silly Putty
1 tsp. Liquid Starch
2 tsp. White School Glue, a little over 2 tsp. is best
Add glue and starch to a small bowl and mix well with a fork. When it starts to clump, continue mixing with hands. Adjust texture as needed. If it’s too sticky, add starch and if it’s too stringy, add a little glue.
Store in zip lock baggie when not in use.

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It’s OK If You Suck When Starting Your Budget

I have a cat that’s fifteen years old.  For roughly fourteen of those years, she was the model of perfect health.  But, as age catches up to us all, it caught up to her.  She has failing kidneys, which is pretty common with cats.  The vet advised that I begin giving her subcutaneous fluid injections, which is essentially giving her an injection of liquid under her skin.  This helps cats with her problems because the additional fluids in her system makes it a little easier on her kidneys while they do their thing.

The vet did the first injection and walked through the process step by step.  They made it look easy, but when I got home and started trying myself, the first few attempts were less than stellar.  Each time, the cat ended up with fluids, but getting there was often a bumpy road.  The IV lines and needles were a struggle to get together and set up properly.  A couple of times the needle went under her skin and then came back out, so when the fluids started going, they were merely getting her wet.  Some times the needle was in but the drip was so slow that I had to start over again.  She struggled to stay in one place, often wiggling away from the towel I had set her on.  The first few times saw a terrified, trembling mess….and the cat was usually in pretty bad shape too!

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5 Ways To Go From Being A Good Manager To A Great One

Over the years, I’ve had many jobs working for many different companies.  With those, I’ve had a lot of different managers.  I’ve had some bad ones (we’ll save those for another time), some good ones, and a few great ones.  Most of the time, the differences between being a good manager and a great one are little things.  If you want to be a great manager, here’s a few things you should do.

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Help!!! Do You Think Families Benefit From HDHP/HSA Plans?

It’s open enrollment time in a couple of weeks.  We got notification that our plans and premiums aren’t changing at all for 2012.  No increases in premiums, and they’re actually lowering co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums.  This is way against the trend of what most people are seeing, but keep in mind that they raised premiums on average of 30% last year and doubled co-pays, and I think the backlash was severe enough that they realized another increase might incite a revolt.

We briefly considered the High Deductible (HDHP) plan for 2011, but we ended up going with a traditional plan due to the fact that we knew we were having a baby and would require the use of quite a bit of insurance.  The estimates I ran last year showed that the potential savings of using the HDHP was only a couple of hundred dollars, where if anything went wrong, the risk was a lot higher.

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5 Emotional Stages Of Your New iPhone (Or Other Gadget)

Attention, all you proud, new iPhone 4S owners, let me just say congrats on your new purchase.  Siri sounds like a great new feature, and I’m glad you have that, as well as bragging rights on just about any tech product out there.

I’ll also say this: Enjoy it will it lasts.

Because it won’t.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s true.  Look around at your old iPhone.  Look at the flat screen TV over in the other room.  The iPad.  The laptop.  The desktop.

They were all your new ‘Ohmygod-lookatmenow’ gadget at one time or another.  They’re not anymore.  And one day, neither will your iPhone be!

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How To Cut On Energy Bills And Keep Your House Warm This Winter

The never ending battle of high energy costs versus a warm home this winter can have a person ready to move to warmer climes. However, don’t despair, as there are options and they don’t include wearing a sweater to bed. A few quick and simple tricks can save you hundreds of dollars this winter on your heating bills and you will still be warm and toasty.

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Worst Hallmark Card Ever

I saw that Hallmark is now selling sympathy cards for becoming unemployed.

I’m not making this up.  I had to do some checking to make sure it wasn’t a joke.

It’s not.

Personally, I think this is one of the worst ideas that Hallmark has ever come out with.  I just don’t see who would ever buy these, mainly because I can’t see who would ever want to get one.

I lost my job rather abruptly in 2005.  The story is for another time, but basically, I had a job one minute, got called into what I thought was a routine meeting, and five minutes later was in the car with my box of stuff on my way home.

After I got home, I started alerting friends and family to what had happened.  I started networking and all that.

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The Reason War Debt Keeps Piling Up: No Clear End

It’s no secret that one of the biggest causes of our spiraling national debt has to do with the fact that we are fighting a bunch of wars overseas.

These wars are costing us mucho bucks.

The biggest problem with the wars, especially in Afghanistan, is that there is no clear finish line.  World War II, we fought until the Germans, Japanese and their allies surrendered.  They surrendered, we went home.

Not so much with our current wars.  In fact, in Afghanistan, we are fighting next to the government, trying to put down rebel forces.

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How Recycling Gets Us Free Milk

Our city is part of Recycle Bank, a great curbside recycling program where the more you recycle, the more free stuff you get.

Since the program was instituted in our city a couple of years ago, not only has recycling gone up like 200%, it’s also given residents valuable coupons that can be used at local and online establishments.  Your recycling bin is weighed every week, and you get points based on the weight of your bin.  Those points can be redeemed for lots of things.  We’ve gotten free 2-liters of Coke products, discounts on yogurt, $10 off coupons on our annual flower purchases, and much more.

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