Happy Leap Day! Enjoy Your Extra Day (Your Employer Will!)

Today is Leap Day, the extra day that comes about once every four years!

Let’s think of some of the winners and losers when it comes a Leap Year!

  • Winner Stores – They get an extra day in the month to report sales.  If sales go up 3% does that mean they really went up or was it because of an extra day of spending?
  • LoserSalaried employees – If you get paid twice a month, then February is a pretty good month since you will have more pay over less days.  But, this year you’ll work an extra day in February.
  • WinnerCompanies that pay salaried employees – They get an extra day of productivity with no extra labor costs.
  • WinnerHourly workers – If you get paid by the hour, you’ll get an extra 8 hours this month.
  • LoserPeople that hate February – Though this winter (for us anyways) has been pretty mild, February is usually one of the snowiest and most depressing months of winter.  An extra day typically does nothing to improve ones mood who cannot wait for the seasons to start changing
  • WinnerPeople born on February 29th – You get a birthday this year! Go celebrate!

Who else wins and loses on Leap Day?  Do you treat it as just another day?

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17 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day! Enjoy Your Extra Day (Your Employer Will!)

  1. Winners… Irish ladies who want to propose to their boyfriends? Or ladies in Ireland who wants to propose to their boyfriends. Apparently, it’s a tradition that on Leap Day women can propose to men. It’s the whole premise of the movie…Leap Year. 😉

    • Well let her know that it will be 2016 before she’s legal to take a drink by that calculation 🙂

  2. Aww I’m a loser (salaried employee)! Oh well, guess I’ll be happier 3 out of 4 years anyway.

  3. Ha, didn’t even think about that. Now that I think about it maybe I should have taken a sick day, get one back for the good guys.

    • That is definitely a great benefit. The extra day actually helped February be the second highest month for page views, where it would have been third otherwise. So you’re right! 🙂

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