Amazon Is No Longer My Go To Store

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been nearly the frequent Amazon shopper that I used to be.

Back in my peak Amazon shopping, we bought things all the time.  When they first introduced the Amazon Mom program, we got diapers at a really cheap price, as well as Prime shipping benefits.

We bought pretty much everything we could through there.

Even before Prime, we were pretty regular shoppers.

Eventually, they cut back the diaper deal so that you had to get a paid Prime membership to get the best percentages off, and even then, the percentage off had been cut.

They also cut the percentage off on many other Subscribe & Save items that I had previously purchased (such as razors, soap, etc.)

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Minor League Baseball Games Are Fun And Cheap

Last week, my dad and a couple of his friends organized an annual get-together where they go to a baseball game. This time, they chose to go to a minor league game about an hour and a half away (the Lansing Lugnuts).  They invited me as well as the son of one of the other guys, so it ended up being the five of us.

In all my years, I have never been to a minor league game before.  And, I have to admit it was pretty cool.

We went on a Monday night so it was pretty lightly attended.  There was maybe 1,000 people in attendance.  Our tickets were in the front row along the first base line.  The field was pretty close to the seats so we had to be pretty watchful for foul balls (and the two teams seemed to hit a lot that night).

That was pretty light attendance, though the other guy around my age, who lives in the city, said that Thursday nights are pretty popular, because they have $2 beers.

Which leads me to my other point.  It can be pretty cheap.

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WalMart: Save A Few Pennies, Waste A Lot Of Time

The night before a recent camping trip, there were a couple of last minute things I wanted to get.  You’ll find out in an upcoming post, but one of the things that jumped out that I really wanted was an awning stabilizer kit.

I knew that Wal Mart had these, so I set off to the store right after the kids went to bed.

I figured it’d be a quick trip.

Man, I forgot all about what Wal Mart stands for.

Yes, you might pay less.  But, it WILL take you twice as long.

For some reason, the WalMart by our house prides itself on long lines.  I’m not sure why, but you can never get to a register without waiting at least 15 minutes.  No matter what time of day, that’s the story.

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How Barbequing Got Ten Times More Enjoyable Over The Past Two Years

There’s nothing like a nice burger or hot dog or other favorite barbeque item coming right off the grill.  It speaks of summer, and it’s something that my wife and I have tried to do regularly since we first started dating.

I look at where we were two years ago and where we were today, and I realize that I enjoy barbequing ten times more than I did just two years ago.


Two reasons:

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Overcoming the Financial Challenges of an Accident

One of the most significant challenges one can face in the aftermath of a serious accident is the burden of remaining financially solvent if one has been left unable to work. This type of devastating injury creates a variety of psychological impediments that are only compounded by money issues. Even in cases where one expects to ultimately recover from a legal settlement, the period prior to realizing that result can be difficult. Fortunately there are steps that one can take to stay afloat and manage one’s finances, particularly during the transition period:

Explore Disability Benefits

While it is very easy to succumb to feelings of defeat, remaining proactive is often the best way to address one’s financial needs. Many employers not only offer short-term disability benefits as an option, they may automatically provide it to their employees. It is critical to explore this option early because there may be a time limit for filing a claim. It is unlikely that this money will alone be sufficient to cover all of one’s expenses, but it can serve as an important bridge.

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Update On My List Of 500 Things To Do

I wrote a few months ago about how I wanted to get into a habit of doing certain periodic tasks around the house.

I haven’t given an update in a while so I thought I’d check in and give a quick progress update.

Essentially, January and February went great.  March even went pretty well too.  In fact I was doing about 60-70 tasks per month, as I found other items that needed to be done and incorporated those into the list.

Then I got hit with a big work project in April and it required me to do more driving, so I was home later every day.  Only got about 30 done in April.

Then it really hit.  In May is when we began working with the camper, getting it ready for the season and just getting to know how it works since it was our first year having it.  Now, we’re adding trips and such and I’m embarrassed to say that I maybe got 25 tasks done in the last two months.

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7 Tips For Having A Green Lawn In Warm, Dry Weather

It’s been a hot, dry summer for most of the United States.  if you’re in an area where you have a lawn, chances are it’s not thriving.  Lush lawns are pretty rare in our neighborhood and for those who have chosen not to water at all, they are pretty much brown.

Here are a few tips to keep your grass green even when it’s dry:

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Lionel Richie Is A Genius

As a child of the 1980’s, one of the more long-standing musical memories is that of Lionel Richie’s music.  I admit, I was a geek and I listened to America’s Top 40 (go Casey Kasem!) religiously every week.  It seemed Lionel Richie was on the charts every week with some hit or another.

Who didn’t think about dancing on the ceiling at some point after hearing his song with the same title?

Admit it, you did.

Anyways, his music has held up pretty well over the years.  He hasn’t had a lot of new stuff that I can think of, but most of his ‘hits’ are still played frequently on Adult Contemporary or Light Rock stations everywhere.

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Why is Public Liability Insurance Necessary?

There are not many business owners who don’t take measures to protect their business from possible third party claims. For this reason, most business owners carry some level of public liability insurance. Without this coverage, businesses could be quite vulnerable to possible claims which could have detrimental effects on the business.

If a third party becomes injured or has their property damaged due to suspected negligence on the part of a business, they are entitled to file a claim seeking retribution for the incident. Sometimes these claims can be settled out of court. However, many times legal assistance is needed. Legal fees can be quite costly. Fortunately, if a business has public liability insurance, these expenses can be covered up to the policy limit. In some situations, claims must be taken to court. These expenses are also paid by public liability insurance.

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Things to Think About Before Trading Forex

Forex trading, or FX for short, has become a popular investment option over the past few years for a variety of reasons.  The biggest reason for this is because it is a huge market – currencies are the most traded (liquid)  asset in the world, and as such, there can be huge profits to be had.

Many traders also like Forex because it is traded on margin, typically 1% or 100:1 leverage.    That means that with as little as $100, you could have a $10,000 currency position.  However, that highlights one of the many risks of Forex trading, which you can read below.

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