Weekend Roundup: Friday, July 20th

Summer is probably a little past it’s midway point.  It’s been a busy one for us, with two big camping trips.  We have more fun ahead.  We’re actually leaving today for a parents only weekend trip, as our parents are awesomely taking the kids for the weekend, giving us some much needed couples time.  We have one more family camping trip planned in mid-August, followed by a weeklong trip to the lake with the in-laws (no camping there) to cap off the summer.  Whew!

Here are some great personal finance posts I’ve come across lately as well as some bloggers who were generous enough to include me in blog carnivals which they recently hosted:

  • My Broken Coin gives a few thoughts on Why We Lie About Money.  Have you ever found yourself fibbing or stretching the truth?  Why?
  • Ever wonder about the history of college student loans?  Look no further as Free From Broke provides a great little history lesson.
  • Live Real, Now is going above and beyond to help someone who’s been down on their luck.  I get a good feeling from this and I hope that there are follow-up stories about Sammy and the success he’s found.
  • All Financial Matters hypothesizes that many mutual fund companies are likely glad that 2008 is no longer in their 3-year history.
  • The Millionaire Blog gives a few pointers on home renovations both to consider and to avoid if you’re thinking about selling.
  • The Ultimate Juggle – Yakezie Carnival
  • Life Insurance By Jeff – Carnival of Personal Finance

What are your plans for the weekend?

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    • We do have a lot of different things this summer. So far we’re holding up and have had very good luck with weather.

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