Do You Have House Insurance In Place In The Event Of Flooding?

With all the heavy rain recently, it’s worth making sure you’ve got house insurance that gives you adequate cover just in case your home becomes a victim of the wet weather. With millions of properties across the UK at risk of flooding from rivers, surface water or the sea, the chances of you, or someone you know, being at risk is high. Water damage can be devastating, not only to your possessions, but also to the structure of your property.

If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, you may not be able to get cover from all providers. Have a look at house insurance quotes online to see if you can get covered.

While you can never completely protect your home from flooding, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare – and reduce the damage floods can cause. Here are 10 tips for guarding your home against flood damage:

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We Barely Had Road Construction Delays This Year…And That Sucks!

We’ve done a lot of roadtripping with the new (to us) camper this year.  We’ve been to four state parks.  In addition, we’re currently up for a week at a rental cottage, and next month we’ll be celebrating our five year anniversary by hitting a couple of touristy cities.

We’re happy to be doing all of this traveling in the great state of Michigan.  Our state hasn’t gotten a lot of great press over the years, but it is a beautiful place.  We have access to lakes everywhere.  The Upper Peninsula, or U.P. as it’s known, has miles of beautiful forests and lakes.  Visiting just a few of these places has been great.

And it’s been a little too easy.

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Was One Of My Reasons For Attending Grad School Slightly Irrational?

In 2000, I decided to take the plunge and attend grad school.  Specifically, I was going for my Masters in Business Administration, or MBA.   My college degree was in Economics and Management, so I had a good business background.  I was a professional in the IT industry and wanted to get a better handle on the business side of things, because I quickly saw that IT was filled either with techies who didn’t understand business or businesspeople who had no idea about how IT worked.  I figured having the knowledge of both would give me a leg up.

And it’s served me well.

That was my main motivation for attending.  Other reasons are as you might expect;

  • Standing out – I figured that all things equal, if I had a Masters and someone else didn’t, it would help me in my career.
  • Money – I wanted access to better opportunities and promotions that I hoped would come from an MBA
  • Education – I’ve always enjoyed learning and wanted to learn more.

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Commonly Overlooked Ways to Save on Utilities

Everyone knows that to save on utilities it is important to reduce the use of major appliances. However, the common adage of turning off the lights does not always lead to significant enough results to lower utility bills. Because the average household often uses more gas and electricity than they are aware of, it is important to examine how every aspect of a family’s routine can be adjusted to help add up to major savings on utilities.

In order to help anyone who would like to save on their utilities, the following ideas are among some of the most commonly overlooked ways that people can make changes to reduce their usage of electricity and gas.

Wash Laundry on Cold 

Many people mistakenly believe that the majority of energy used during laundry is for running the washing machine. However, most of the energy used during laundry is actually used for heating up the water. Therefore, simply moving the switch to a cold wash can effectively reduce energy bills.

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6 Quick and Cheap Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Looking Awesome

The kitchen has become the centerpiece of the house for most American households.  We eat there.  Kids do homework there.  We cook there.  We gather there.  For many, the kitchen is the life center of the home.

When you spend so much time there, you want it to stay looking good, but all the time spent there can make things get cluttered, dirty, or worn out.

Here are a few quick and cheap tips that can help keep your kitchen looking great.

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Why You Should Never Buy From A Woot Off

Have you ever shopped at Woot?

For those who aren’t familiar, Woot is one of the originators of the one-item sold for one-day.  You can buy many products, often leaning toward electronics, at what can be pretty good deals.  Typical items they sell are:

  • Televisions
  • MP3 Players (not so much anymore)
  • High end vacuum cleaners
  • Knife sets
  • Gaming accessories

I subscribe to the RSS feed so every day I happen to be in Google Reader, I’ll see the deal for that day.  In the five years or so I’ve been following, I’ve bought less than a dozen items.

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Bigger Sizes Aren’t Always Cheaper

Normally Mrs. Beagle handles the grocery shopping, and she always does a great job. Recently, she couldn’t go during her normal day and time due to schedule conflict resulting from Little Boy Beagle’s attending summer ‘bug’ camp (he loved it, of course!). So, we decided to head out as a family after dinner.

I pretty much try to stay out of the way and keep a handle on the kids (both met with varying success).  I can’t help but keep an eye on prices.

I noticed two examples of what I would consider a price discrepancy between sizes.  And not in the way you’d normally expect.

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10 Things To Know When Setting Up A New Business

This is a guest post.

Setting up your own business, earning your own income and creating a new life for yourself all sounds great, doesn’t it? But in these tough economic times, it isn’t the easiest thing to do; so it’s important to be serious and have a plan. The first step is to educate yourself on what is required, before you can even get started.

1. Have a plan

Writing a business plan may sound like a needless task when no one will see it but you.  However, just doing this will help you map out where you intend to go, with key milestones, supported by information on how you’ll achieve this. This will help you calculate all your costs, create an annual budget and give you a stable base on which to build your new business.

At this stage you need to think about the business savings account you’re going to open for those all important funds. Choosing to set up a business account allows you to choose from a variety of fixed rate and flexible access business savings accounts to match your personal requirements.

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Pros and Cons of Payday Loans

Payday loans have changed the UK financial services industry in a way that is unheard of. Statistics show that over 1.2m Brits have used these short term loans at least once, and the growing popularity of these loans mean that they are here to stay.  As with all financial services products, there are pros and cons to using payday loans online:


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Taking A Day To Clean Out The Garage

Our garage had gotten, in a word, crazy.  We have a three car garage.  With two cars, this leaves one empty area for the rest of our ‘stuff’.

Unfortunately, this area had turned into a big mess.  Bikes, kid toys, the lawn mower, other lawn stuff, and a multitude of other items had turned the third garage bay into a nightmare.  It was impossible to get anything out without having to take something out first.  We actually got to the point where we avoided taking bike rides or having the kids play with the stuff stored there, simply because it was too hard to do anything there.

In addition, the ‘flow’ of other stuff just didn’t make sense.  We had shelving units in a couple of different spots, in addition to some permanent wall shelving, but on each shelf area there was a mixture of different things.  Kids toys (bubbles, playground chalk, balls, etc.) were on three different shelving areas.  Also, gardening stuff, fertilizers, random garage stuff, it was everywhere.

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