Weekly Roundup – September 21, 2012

Wouldn’t it figure that my fantasy baseball team has gotten on fire the last month or so, right when it became apparent that I would be out of the running for any of the top three spots (which get prize money).  Luckily, I am still in the running for several ‘category’ wins which each pay out $20, plus I made a trade where I shed two of my top players for an improvement in future years, so things are hopefully looking up for next season.

Here are some great personal finance articles I read this week.  Therefore, you should read them too!

Have a fantastic weekend, hope you have great plans!

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup – September 21, 2012

    • I didn’t think I would either but I actually found it got me more into baseball all around, not just my home team.

    • I don’t mind watching it on TV if it’s the home team and playoffs or something are at stake. My grandpa used to listen to every game on the radio.

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