Why I Love Getting Cash For Presents

Some people don’t like getting or giving cash as a present.  People use reasoning along the lines that it is impersonal and doesn’t show a lot of thought going into the gift.

Depending on the person, I completely disagree.

What do I mean by ‘depending on the person’?  Simple, if you know the person feels that way, don’t give them cash.  But, if the person isn’t of that mindset, I see no reason why cash isn’t a great gift.  My wife and I would never give each other cash, for example.

Personally, I love getting cash.

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Kraft Has A Plan To Get You To Buy More Salad Dressing

I always pride myself on being somewhat of a watchdog on noticing when companies seem to be giving you more for less.  I’ve written about how packaging changes can lead to higher prices for baby formula or even how changing the suggested usage in products like baking soda could trigger more sales, but the latest one I’ve seen is a new one, and probably something you may have already come across.

I’m talking about salad dressing.  With the latest change, they didn’t change the size of the bottle or anything else.  No, they’re being a bit more “Kraft”-y, if you will.

We aren’t loyal to any one brand of dressing, but it seems that Kraft has a good portion of our sales.  I’m pretty much of the opinion that you need one type of salad dressing: Ranch.  My wife has five or six other ones, but if it were up to me, ranch would be the only salad dressing in the fridge.

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How Much Do I Love My Samsung Galaxy S3?

It’s been awhile since I talked about getting my new cell phone from work.  As you may remember, I chose to get the Samsung Galaxy GS3 over the Apple iPhone 4S, which was what was offered at the time.

I felt that the S3 offered a bigger screen, the same amount and quality of apps, and ran an OS (Android) which I’m more familiar since I’ve yet to become an Apple guy.

So far, I have to say I love it.  Here is my mini-review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (aka Samsung Galaxy S III)

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5 Financial Items To Do With The 5 Weeks Left In The Year

Today is Cyber Monday and by now, everybody is in full holiday mode.  I’m sure lots of people gave up some sleep for Black Friday shopping, and I know internet traffic spikes (and work productivity goes down) as people will be online today trying to hunt down deals.

While this is all good, one thing to keep in mind is that there are just 5 weeks left in the year.

Thus, I thought it would be prudent to discuss 5 things to do with those 5 remaining weeks:

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Great Products Plus Great Customer Service Equals A Resounding Success

It’s so much easier to write a blog entry about a complaint than it is to share a good story, but when a company steps up to address a problem in a way that thoroughly satisfies a customer, they deserve to hear the kudos associated with that.  Today’s story is about North Face.

I fought North Face for a long time.  It seemed everybody I knew or didn’t know was wearing a North Face jacket.  For years, I was willing to stick it out with knock offs, figuring I was wiser and more financially responsible than anybody who would have wasted their money on those coats.

Then I tried one one.  My wife got me in a moment of weakness and handed me this ‘winter coat’ that was half the thickness of the one I was used to wearing.  I wondered how this could keep anybody warm.  Then, I put it on and was instantly to the point where I almost passed out from the immediate warmth.

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What To Do When Your Interviewer Checks Out

Over the fifteen plus years that I’ve been in the professional workforce, I’ve worked for five different companies.  The journey for those jobs included many more interviews along the way.

As much as I’d like to think I’m awesome enough to have nailed every interview I’ve ever been on, the truth is that I haven’t.  Some interviews I have known pretty much right off the bat that they liked me and that I would get an offer (or at least proceed to the next round).  Twice, I had that feeling and never did get a call back, so my radar is sometimes off.

But, there are also times when you go into a job interview, and at a certain point in the scheduled time, you can see the interviewer make up his or her mind, and not in a positive way.  Whether it’s a flash of an eye, a shift in their position, or other language, there are times when you can see the interviewer close their book on you and check out of the interview.

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Camping Misadventures 2012 The Final Chapter And Wrapup

After all the various adventures in the first and second posts about our adventures in owning a camper (actually, a trailer), I wasn’t sure how many more adventures we could take.

Luckily, things by and large settled down after that.  We did a couple of more trips, but everything went….smooth.

A little too smooth.

So, I knew there would be a big bomb at some point, and there was.  Just turns out it was a bomb to the pocketbook.

Having never had it looked at professionally, I wanted to take it in to get winteriezed, and also asked them to check everything over to make sure that there were no glaring problems that I would miss but that the pros would catch.

I had a hunch about one of the items that I worry about anyways: The roof.  The roof is pretty much the first thing to go in most campers, because its the point where water can get in, and water is pretty much the death knell for campers.  Every time it rains, a little piece of me wonders what is going on with our camper, and wondering if there’s dripping going on anywhere.

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Reduce Complexity And Add Value Instead

A group of family members recently went out for dinner.  We went to a local restaurant that we’ve frequented a few times because they have really good food and their prices are reasonable, with most items on the menu between $8 – $12 ranging from burgers to an entree.  Under the entree list, there’s a note indicating that you can add a dinner salad for $1.49.  This is pretty reasonable considering the salad is very good and many places nowadays charge double or triple that.

My mother-in-law ordered something off the list of daily specials and she asked for a salad.  Her meal and the rest of ours were very good, as expected, but we were surprised when the bill came and her salad was listed at $2.99.  We pointed it out to the waitress.  She took the bill and when she came back, we expected it to be corrected, but instead she said: “$2.99 is the right price.  The $1.49 price is for entrees and specials are not considered entrees.  So, you have to pay for the regular price of the dinner salad.”

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5 Things Republicans Need To Do To Get Back In The Game

It’s been a week since the election and I thought I’d give a little bit of closure to the whole thing by looking at what Republicans need to do to get back on the upswing over the next 2-4 years.

I will go in saying that I identify as Republican though I don’t push my ideology on people nor do I try to talk people who aren’t Republicans into changing their views.  All I ask is the same.

Even though the Republicans kept control of the House of Representatives, I think last Tuesday was a very disappointing day for the Republican party.  They had hoped for Mitt Romney to win the presidency, of course, and had hoped to, at the very least, not lose ground in the Senate, where there is a Democratic majority.

Neither of these things happened.

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