You Have To Have Both Oars In The Water

You Have To Have Both Oars In The Water

mb-oars201308I was recently reminded of something that my grandma and great-aunt used to say when it came to talking about marriages, specifically when you’re having problems.  It went something like:

“You have to have both oars in the water to move forward.  Otherwise you’ll go in around in circles or nowhere at all.”

This is so simple yet so true.

When you’re in a relationship, you have to have both people involved, with their oars in the water so to speak.  If you have just one person putting effort into the relationship as a whole, or a particular problem that’s presented itself, you’ll move but you’ll end up going in circles.  If both people decide to do nothing, then you’re going to go nowhere, or be at the mercy of outside forces like the current or the wind.

It’s better to work together.  Work together to find a rhythm and a pace.  But above all, you have to have both oars in the water.

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12 thoughts on “You Have To Have Both Oars In The Water

  1. This quote goes beyond relationships. You can even apply this to personal finance in general. You need both oars in the water to get out of debt. If both paddles are going in opposite directions (you’re saving money, but racking up more debt), you’re not going anywhere financially. Not until you limit your expenses to below your income.
    Bobby @ Making Money Fast and Slow recently posted..The True Cost of Commuting and Some AlternativesMy Profile

  2. Good metaphor for accomplishing anything. You can’t reach any goal without using both oars. And with marriage, you should both be rowing in the same direction.
    Bryce @ Save and Conquer recently posted..I’m Glad I Live NowMy Profile

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