5 Reasons You Should Not Lease A Car

Leasing cars has gone through some ups and downs in terms of popularity over the past several decades.  There was a time when it seemed that everybody leased a car as the rates were unbelievable.  Then, leasing lost popularity as it came out that the reason for the low rates was because manufacturers were charging too little, so they had to raise prices, which led to the market falling out.   I admit, I leased two cars during the leasing heyday.

Now, it seems that leasing is making a comeback.  But, since automakers have learned mb-201402carstheir lessons and are not going to take losses on the lease, I’m here to tell you that leasing is a bad idea, and I present five reasons why an auto lease is a bad idea.

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Consider Keeping Your Job While Receiving Annuity Payments

Annuities are regarded highly as a financial product or a method of settlement of hefty amounts. The human psyche is pretty stubborn when it comes to cash management. Even the most stable minded person would find it hard to manage a sudden inflow of cash, especially if it’s a considerable amount.

Unreasonable desires creep up in the mind, and can lead to purchases with damaging consequences. Thankfully, annuities can overcome these weaknesses of human nature. Even then, the prospect of having a long term periodic inflow of cash is enough to unsettle a person, in terms of how he/she approaches their job. Moreover, considering the widespread job dissatisfaction these days, it is almost guaranteed that if you were to be lucky enough to have an annuity payment scheme in your name, there’s a likelihood that you would submit your resignation papers, letting your boss know what you really think of him on the way out! However, if you out in serious thoughts, you’d find out that the idea of giving your job up would not be a smart choice. Here, we discuss as to why you might as well continue your job despite your annuity income.

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Why America’s Oldest Credit Card Company is Still One of the Finest

American Express, also known as Amex, is one of the oldest credit card companies in the country. Unlike other creditors, which gave you the option to make monthly payments to pay down your credit, the traditional American Express card extends a shorter line of credit. You needed to pay off your balance each month to remain in good standing. The company has also added new cards that functioned more like traditional credit cards, giving you more time to pay off your balance. Before applying for a new card, you should search around the web for rewards cards.  After all, it’s better to get something rather than nothing for purchases you plan on making regardless.

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Uh-Oh. How The Cold And Snowy Winter May Cost Us

It’s been a pretty crazy winter here in Michigan.  We’re in the top three in terms of seasonal snowfall record.  Between January 14th and February 17th, we had one day where it went above freezing.  By exactly one degree.  We had the snowiest January on record, and February has been no slouch.

This combination has led to snow piles growing and growing.  Certainly not melting.

And, this could potentially have very negative consequences as it turns out.

As many long time readers know, we enjoy camping, and we have a trailer type RV that we pull around.  It’s lightweight, which works out well since we have a mid-size SUV.

A few weeks ago, after one big snowfall, I wondered aloud whether I should go over to my in-laws (where we store it for the winter), and clean off any snow from the roof.  This was probably closer to mid-January when we had no idea the cold spell we’d see.  My wife didn’t think it was necessary.  My father-in-law didn’t seem to think it would be an issue.  Other things came up.  I kind of forgot about it.  And that was that.

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Overpaid And Useless: A Profession That Needs To Go Away

Weather forecasters get a pretty bad rap for their accuracy.

However, this post isn’t about ripping on weather forecasters.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I bring them up so that I can compare them to another group of individuals whose profession  should really be brought into question.

You see, meteorologists often get blamed whenever a forecast is wrong.  If it rains on a day when sun was predicted, they get called out for a ruined picnic or day at the beach.  Clouds instead of the predicted sun can put a big damper on an outdoor activity.  The list goes on.

As I’ve gotten more interested in weather and looking at things, I’ve actually become a lot more tolerant of meteorologists.  If you look at what they do, it’s in fact pretty amazing that they get it right as often as they do.   They look at weather as it stands, then look at things that are happening hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away, and make predictions on what’s going to happen hours, and even days, down the road.  There are many things that can change, each with potential impact on what actually happens.  If you’re on the East coast and reading this, consider that your forecast for what’s supposed to happen is based on weather that hasn’t even hit land all the way across the continent.

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5 Ways to Save Money on POS Equipment Purchase

POS equipment is expensive, sometimes very expensive. Good in-premises point of sale systems can cost over $10,000. If you’re new to the retail business and trying to make ends meet while getting your first outlet started, that’s a scary amount of money. It’s all very well to know that you’ll get a return on the investment over time, but wouldn’t it be great not to pay out so much in the first place?

Good news. There are ways in which you can reduce your initial equipment expenditure. This article explores the five possibilities to save some money:

1. Buying a hardware bundle
2. Buying budget equipment
3. Buying used POS equipment
4. Signing an agreement with a credit card processing service
5. Using a SaaS provider

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To Be Thankful

This past weekend, a local story in a city about 40 minutes away struck a nerve.  A woman left a bar on foot, somehow not having her coat or gloves or anything else to be outside, and ended up freezing to death.  It’s been a bitter cold winter.

The assumption, reading between the lines on some of the news stories, is that she and her friends had been drinking.  She decided to try to walk home and for some reason, even though at least one friend knew about the plan, nobody raised a flag at all.

So why does this ring true?

Because it was nearly me.

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Review Of Our New Bosch Dishwasher

It’s been a little over a month since we had our new Bosch dishwasher installed, so I mb-201401dishes500thought I’d give a review of how it has gone and what we think so far.  We had it replaced after the old one sprung a second leak.  For the record, we purchased the model SHX3AR75UC.  It was one of the highest rated dishwashers on Consumer Reports and received a ‘Best Buy’ recommendation.


I looked around and ended up purchasing the dishwasher at Sears.  I actually ordered it online.  At the time, we were able to purchase installation and delivery.  I purchased it on a day when Sears was offering a discount of 10% on all appliances, plus I was able to use a $50 off code that I found.  The dishwasher retails for $799.99, and our total bill was $784.91, which I thought was a good deal considering that price included delivery, installation, new hoses, and sales tax.  Sears used to be the top destination for appliance shopping, and though they’ve taken some steps back here, I was very satisfied with the purchasing experience.

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Detroit Area Weather Has Officially Entered Bear Market Territory

I love tracking things.  Weather is one of the things that I’ve started to track.  I found a site where I could track historical data with information about every day starting in March 2005.  This has given a lot of information that I find interesting. By no means does this make me a meterologist, but I have noted quite a few interesting things as I compile the data and look through it.

Namely, that it’s been pretty warm.

Between 2005 and 2013, the average high temperature across the entire year ended up above average for every year.  Over that period, the average temperature was 1.57 degrees higher, with 0.2 degrees last year as the smallest difference versus 4.82 degrees in 2012.  That was a hot year!

I’ve noticed, though, that if the weather were the stock market, we’d officially be in ‘bear market’ territory.

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Free Shipping Downgrades Make Amazon Prime Less Enticing

Is it just me or has Amazon free shipping gotten significantly worse over the past year?  If it indeed has, you have to suspect that this could very well be on purpose.  They are really making a push to get as many people signed up for Prime, so is it a conspiracy theory or just common sense that they would try to drive people to Prime by weakening the free shipping option?

I’m here to tell you that, for me, making free shipping worse will have the opposite effect for me.

Let me start off with some of the changes I have seen:

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