I Wasted $11 By Not Following A Simple Routine

Last week, we took a quick trip to an indoor water park located about 200 miles from our house.  It was a great trip, except that I came out $11 poorer by not following a simple routine.

That routine:

  • When required, take my drivers license from my wallet
  • When finished, put the license back in the wallet.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

That’s because it is!

Except I broke my routine and now I’m out $11!  When I was checking in, I had to validate mb-201403walletmy eligibility to receive a discount through my employer by giving them my employee badge and my license.  They looked at it, and handed both items back to me.  The check-in counter was an absolute madhouse at the time, so I just took both and shoved them in my coat pocket.

Later, as I was unpacking the car, I had the brilliant idea to put my badge in the car rather than carry it around with me for the whole trip.  So, I took it out of my pocket and put it into the glove box, and never gave it another thought.

Fast forward two days later, we’re over halfway home, and I go to fill up the gas tank.  When I opened my wallet, I immediately saw that the license was not in its normal spot.  I remembered what had happened, so I grabbed my badge to see if it was with my badge.  It was not.  I looked in my pocket to see if it had gotten separated and was sitting in my pocket.  It was not.  I gave the car a look around, but it was gone.

I called the hotel several times over the next few days to see if anybody had found it and turned it in.  Nobody had.

So, after a week of hoping that it turned up, I had to go online and order a replacement license.  $9 for the license and $2 for getting to do it online (money well spent versus having to wait in line for an hour at the nearby office), and I have a new license on the way.


Lesson to be learned: When you take something out of your wallet, make sure it goes back in after you’re done.

16 thoughts on “I Wasted $11 By Not Following A Simple Routine”

  1. I have a similar routine with where my wallet and keys go whenever I come home. They come out of my coat (or pocket, depending upon time of day) and into this drawer in our kitchen. When for some reason I don’t do this routine, the next time I want to leave the house I’ll storm around looking for where I put them because I *ALWAYS* put them right there. Luckily it hasn’t cost me anything yet not to follow the routine…I hear car keys are pretty spendy to replace these days.

    • Actually, now that you mention it, my wife did lose a set of my car keys recently. I can get a new one at the dealer for about $20. I’m going to have to see if I can get another one cheaper. They have a chip in there that makes the more expensive, but as long as you have one key, you can program the other one to sync with your car.

  2. I’m crazy about organization and I catch my wife doing this sort of thing all of the time. I’ve worked on reminding her in a way that doesn’t sound like I am demeaning her or am like her parent, always reminding her not to do this or remember to do that. She appreciates my efforts and luckily we have avoided this scenario.

  3. It’s nuts how many times I’ve done something similar. You’d think I’d learn my lesson after just once, but no! I have lost my license, a few other cards and even a birth certificate. It’s also not good to have ID out there in the world not knowing where it is!

  4. I used my credit card to buy something, and lazy me decides to just put it in my pocket next to my wallet because I had already put my wallet back in my pocket. I don’t remember why. Anyways, it seems that I dropped my credit card later on at a different store, when I went to pay. (I used a different card- yea I pay with different ones depending on the cash back bonus!) Someone picked it up and went on a spending spree. Glad the credit card company didn’t charge me for it…but I need to be more careful.

  5. Great lesson learned! Mistakes do happen. Fortunately it didn’t cost you that much money but it is annoying to have to pay $11 simply because you forgot to put your license back in your wallet! At least now you’ll remember to put your license back into your wallet!

  6. I renewed my license online, then lost it 3 months later. Still have no clue what the heck happened to it. So I had to physically go to the DMV and pay $35 to do the whole process over (you can only renew online here if you are replacing an expired license, not a missing one). Grrr. Oh, and salt on the wound, I had a great DMV photo, but their new office’s camera made my last one look like I had black eyes…it’s creepy…

    • I was able to order a replacement so I’m assuming I’ll get the picture that they have on file. That’s a funny element as well, because my wife hates the picture on my license whereas I think it’s fine.

  7. Good reminder how it’s often carelessness over the seemingly little things that can end up costing us money. Also, when really busy or harried, we can make mistakes. At least in this case it was only $11, but I’d be having the same view on this as you did if it happened to me.

    • I could have done it in person at the Secretary of State for $9, which would have saved $2, but it probably would have taken an hour, instead of the three minutes it took online.

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