Money Can’t Take Away Ignorance

The NBA has been pretty much the top story in the news over the last few days, but unfortunately it is not because of the current playoffs.

It’s because of Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles clippers, who over the weekend had audio released where he asked his girlfriend not to bring black people to Clippers games, and asked her why she would even want to be associated with black people.

It just goes to show that as rich as one can be (he’s reportedly worth $2 billion), your money can’t make you any less ignorant.  I mean, here’s a guy that, if reports are to be believed, has half of his net worth invested in a professional basketball team where a majority of the players that he employs…are black.  Where a big chunk of the fan base that pays money to buy tickets to see his team play, are black.  Where people that buy the jerseys of his teams players…are black.


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7 Ideas to Start a Fashion Business and Have Success with It

mb-2014-05fashionIf you would like to start a fashion business, most probably you’re not doing it only to prove a point, but you have a sense of style and you are good with people. Starting your own business is an important step in everybody’s life (especially if it means giving up your corporate job). The good news about this field is that there is always room for one more player. New outlet centers are opened every day so why couldn’t you find place for yourself in one of them? Usually these are small businesses run by one or two people.

Do you have any experience with the fashion business?

It is possible that you have been taking some classes in entrepreneurship or you saw your grandparents or parents run their store for years. As another option you may have been working in a store yourself for a while where you acquired the necessary skill sets. Regardless of what your story might be, besides a passion for fashion, you will also need a sense for business.

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Your Peace Of Mind Comes At A Price

Recently, my wife celebrated one year of being in business with her Etsy design shop.  Her success has been nothing short of amazing.  When she first started talking about the idea, she waited because she wasn’t sure she had the time, could come up with anything that people would want to buy, and just didn’t know enough to get it going.

She finally took the plunge and the orders started coming in pretty quick.  Since then, she’s really picked up and she is now kicking my butt in terms of side income.  Her money right now is largely going toward saving for a Disney trip next fall, and based on projections, we’ll be saved up a year in advance of the trip.  How awesome is that!

It’s Never All Roses And Sunshine

My wife had a few hiccups along the way, but honestly, the business, her satisfaction rates and referral rates were great.  She completed hundreds of orders in her first year, got over 50 reviews, all positive, and for the most part, always came out feeling pretty good every time an order was complete.

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Starting Your Business The Right Way

You may have dreamed for years about getting out of the rat race for good. And now, your dream may be much closer to becoming reality. You may have drafted an ingenious business plan or formulated some initial connections to get your idea out to the masses, and you may even have constructed a web site that will blow them away once it’s been launched. However, you may not have considered that you would need legal assistance.

Don’t Make These Small Business Mistakes

If you have a website, then you could be putting yourself in a position of legal peril. Copyright law comes into play whenever you republish content written by someone else on your site, share that republished content with newsletter or email subscribers, or use images in posts that you make on your blog. Many business owners assume that it’s enough to provide the original author or artist with credit and a link to their website. Unfortunately, this can lead to being fined or served with litigation papers. Many experts advise getting consent in writing for everything you plan to use on your own site or redistribute to your subscribers.

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Six Ways To Properly Implement Big Change In Your Life

Many time changes are necessary in our financial life.  Often times, big changes are necessary.  If you realize you’re in over your head with debt, or way behind on your retirement savings, or anything like that, change is likely in order.

Change is fine and can lead to good things, but you have to understand the true impact of your change.

Real World Example: Across The Board Cuts

My current employer is going through some actions that are designed to reduce costs.  I work in the health care industry, and the recent changes due to the Affordable Care Act seem to indicate that revenue will be flat or even shrink as some of the changes kick in.  While more people will be insured, the payouts on some standard care will go down.  This will affect the bottom line, so the changes that our organization is going through is pretty standard for just about every health care provider out there.

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Staying Motivated Without Reason

This week starts a pretty big test of wills for me.  I wrote a few weeks back about what I was giving up for Lent.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, many Christians ‘give up’ something that they enjoy for the period of Lent, which extends for about 6-7 weeks between Ash Wednesday and ending with the arrival of Easter, with the reason being that giving something up acknowledges the great sacrifice made by Jesus when He died for us.

What I Gave Up For Lent This Year

History lesson aside, this year I chose to give up indulging in things on my own.  It was a new approach, but instead of just giving up one thing, I gave up a variety of things, with the stipulation that I could only ‘indulge’ when others were indulging.  This was big for me, as the occasional ‘alone indulgence’ is big for me.  I’ll think nothing of going to the cupboard and grabbing a snack.  If I walk by a candy jar, I’ll not think twice about grabbing a small piece.  If I want the occasional cocktail and nobody else is having one, no big deal.

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Be Jealous But Do Not Stay Jealous

My best friend is a guy that I’ve known for close to 35 years now.  We met when we were just 5 years old, and here we are about to both hit 40 this year.

He’s a great guy and probably the closest thing I will ever have to a brother.  We’ve shared a lot of happiness and a lot of not so happy times together.  Rarely have I been jealous of him, but I found myself jealous of him after a recent conversation.

We started talking about work, and he told me that he had someone contact him with serious interest about a job.  He wasn’t looking, but they found him on LinkedIn.  He told me that it was $25,000 more per year than he makes now, and then he told me what the total salary would be.  So, he basically told me what he was making now.

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Why You Need To Tackle A Difficult Task Today

Difficult tasks.  We all hate them. We dread them.  We look at them and think of any way to get around them.


Because they’re difficult, of course!

But that has to stop, and if you’ve been putting off a difficult task for any length of time, then putting it off has to stop today!

The reason is simple.

A difficult task will not get any easier as time passes.  Instead, it will only get more and more difficult.

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Switching Gyms

I’ve been doing pretty well with my exercise.  It’s been about six months since I joined a gym.  I pretty much stick to cardio and I don’t do anything that intense.  I’m not in it to get ripped or run a marathon.  I just want to stay in shape, keep my weight at a comfortable level, and stay active.

Which is why I’m thinking about switching gyms.

I joined my gym as it was one of the only ones around that fit some of my needs: Cardio, Reasonable Price, Good Location, Early Morning Hours.

I’ve been happy where I’m at, but I just found out that a new gym is opening that I think will meet my needs even more.  Planet Fitness is coming.  Yes, they of the “I lift things up and put them down” hilarious commercials.

Looking at my list

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9 Things Your Yard Needs For A Great Spring

Spring is here!  Not only are you ready to enjoy the nice weather, but your yard is ready and waiting.  With a few steps, you can get your yard looking great for the spring season, with the added benefit that a great spring will set the stage for your yard to deliver a fantastic summer season as well.

Clean out your bushes, planting beds, and vegetable gardens

If your planting areas have filled up with leaves blown around from the fall and winter, you want to clean these out.  Loosen up the soil or mulch in these areas, especially you were in areas where the snow packed everything down.

Trim back grasses and perennial plants

If you have ornamental grasses or perennial plants that died off, you might want to trim them back.  Do a little research based on the plants you have to follow the recommended pruning method.  In some cases, spring is just fine to trim as long as it hasn’t started growing yet.  With some plants, fall might be better, so if you’re not sure, check.

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