Do Lower Prices Equate To Lower Motivation?

In the last few months, my exercise routine has fallen off.  I have  yet to go more than a week without going to the gym (except during camping trips), but my normal four day per week routine fell to as little as one time and is now averaging around three times per week.

Initially I blamed the summer months and being busy, tired, etc. along with the activities, but when I took a closer look, I realized that my fall off not only occurred right around the time when summer started, but it also happened to be the time that I switched gyms…and got a lower price.

Prior to summer, I had been working out at a local gym and paying around $22 per month.  When Planet Fitness announced that they were opening, I enthusiastically switched as their pricing was only $10 per month.  I typically utilize cardio machines 90% of the time, which is the specialty of Planet Fitness.  My old gym had much more in the way of weights, but that was largely wasted on me.

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Domestic Violence, Spanking, And Oh Yeah, The NFL

For years, the NFL has done nothing but grow, in terms of audience, revenue, popularity, cultural placement.  The Super Bowl is annually the most watched event of the year.  Even the off-season has become wildly popular, with free agency and the draft getting more coverage and attention than the regular season of some other sports.  It was a ride straight up and up.

I always wondered when the ride would end, and with all of the press coverage centered around domestic violence, you have to wonder if this is the thing that will finally bring some stop to the rocket ship rise of  the NFL.

It All Started With Ray Rice

The stories emerged during the off-season of Ray Rice being involved with a domestic violence charge against his then fiance.  I tend to tune out a lot of the off-season stuff with the exception of that surrounding my hometown Lions, so while I was aware of it, I didn’t know the details.  That is, until the day a couple of weeks ago when the video was released.

I was listening to the radio on the way home from the gym when I’d first heard about it.  I work out early in the morning, and the video had just been released hours ago, so recently that other networks were not yet showing it, but just talking about it.

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I’m Officially (Pop Culture) Old

With the exception of a few brief breaks, I’ve subscribed to Entertainment Weekly since I went to college in 1992.  I actually started reading it when my dad first subscribed even before that, which I’m pretty sure he started his subscription not too long after the magazine was launched in 1990.

For the most part, I’ve really enjoyed the magazine, and it’s always helped me learn about movies and TV shows I want to watch, music I want to listen to, books I want to read, and stories about various elements in the entertainment industry.

The last couple of years have been nice because I’ve gotten the magazine for free.  Our city is part of a recycling rewards program, where you get points for your curbside recycling activity that you can then redeem to things like gift cards, local stores and restaurants, and magazine subscriptions.  It’s pretty cool to get free stuff for doing something that we would do anyways.

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CVS Replaces Cigarette Revenue Loss with Ice Cream Sandwich Revenues

This past weekend, my wife and I did something that we’ve talked about doing for years: taking what ended up being a 26 mile bike ride.  We have a good trail system around, and the end of one of the trails takes you all the way up to a nearby city.  We’ve taken the trail a number of times, but have always turned around.  We thought we’d finally give it a shot, so off we went.

It’s a pretty easy ride in terms of being on flat ground that’s covered in gravel (it’s a converted railroad bed), but it still felt good when we pulled into town.  I’m not normally one to undo the benefits of exercise with treats, but given that it was our first time, we thought we might wander into a nearby CVS and get a small treat.

We both love ice cream so we first wandered over to the freezers to look at their single serve ice cream treats.  I thought I was reading things incorrectly when an ice cream sandwich was $3.29.

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Are Cheeseburgers Worth As Much As Babies?

I have been reading a lot about the protests going on, apparently throughout the United States, where fast food workers want to make a minimum of $15 per hour.  Last week here in Detroit, a bunch of workers protested, and 25-30 got arrested after they took to the streets…literally, by blocking traffic on major thoroughfares during the morning rush hour.

I have to be perfectly blunt on where I stand with this issue, and it’s not at all with the workers.  Before you paint me as some heartless scumbag, let me outline my reasons.

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Now That Was A Great Camping Trip

We go camping a few times each summer, and take two week long trips per summer.  This has been the third season of our camping adventures since we purchased our travel trailer.

One of our trips each summer has been to Ludington State Park on Lake Michigan on the west side of our great state of Michigan.  The park is one of the most popular parks in the state, as it is big, has two great beaches, is in a great tourist area, and has some great sites.  You can book six months in advance, and making reservations is like getting tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, if you’re a few minutes past when the sites become available, you’re not getting one.

Until this year, the park has been somewhat of a bittersweet travel.  In 2012, it was our first big camping trip.  I was still very raw in dealing with the camper, so when a big thunderstorm blew in off the lake and damaged my awning, I was almost ready to sell the camper and find something else to do (it was made worse by the fact that for the two days that the awning was unusable, it was over 100 degrees and we had no shade).  Last year, the weather was cold for a good portion of the trip, and we were on what had to be the two sandiest sites in the park (last year, my in-laws joined us as they also purchased a camping trailer).

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The Basics Of Your Health Insurance You Must Know

Health insurance is one of the most complicated things that many of us have to deal with.  What’s covered?  What isn’t covered?  What’s in network? Out of network?  How much are my deductibles?  Do I have to call someone to get this or get something to see that doctor?  Put twenty people in a room together and ask them to talk about their insurance and chances are you’ll have twenty varying answers.

The temptation is to simply throw up ones hands and just give up trying to understand, and then hope for the best in the time between when you present your insurance card and when you get that bill from the provider.

I’m telling you, that’s a bad strategy.

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