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It's hard to believe that today marks four months gone out of the calendar year of 2015.  Time has been flying, and hopefully you are meeting and beating your goals, and setting new ones.  If you are, then congrats to you!  If you're not, then I have good news for you: The year is only 1/3 over, which means you still have 2/3 the year to go, and that's still a lot of time to get things moving.

Let's do a check on how things are going on our end.  These aren't necessarily all tied to goals, but just really checking on things that have really been on the radar in our home.

Our Top Goals

  • Net Worth – Through four months of the year, we're basically right on track with our hopeful net worth growth, which is good.  Obviously, I'd prefer a cushion so that we can weather any down months or beat our goals, but I'll take being on track over the unfavorable alternative.
  • Fitness – I've set some fitness goals that include regular running, where I've seen improved results and have shown consistency.  I've also added in some strength training.  This is going great!
  • Kids Learning – Watching kids learn is so much fun.  Our oldest is in kindergarten and he is doing great.  He's really coming along on the big three: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic!   Our youngest knows how to write her name, can count, and has letter recognition, so she's doing great too.
  • Kids Activities – Our son loves LEGO and he can build some amazing things.  I never want to pigeonhole a child that early, but I will say that if he's an engineer or designer at some point in life, it would not surprise me in the least. He has had some struggles riding his bike and doing some outdoor stuff, but he's making big improvements there.  Our daughter is taking swim lessons and is really kicking butt compared to where she started just a few months ago.  I foresee some fun summer days at the beach!mb-2015-02-disney
  • Disney Trip – We have a trip planned to Disney World in the fall.  Since the beginning of the year, we've gone from having a rough idea of what we want to actually planning it, setting dates, booking tickets, making reservations and then changing them (more on that in a future post).

Other Goals

  • Camping Trips and Readiness – We haven't taken any trips yet, but it's less than a month until our first one.  We've got all of our trips booked already (we have to for the sake of getting the campgrounds and sites that we want, as well as lining up my time off), and it'll be time to get the camper ready soon  This year, during the winter, one of the rubber seals into the storage area failed and I discovered that some water had gone in.   The wood subfloor got wet but it looks like it isn't bad, and there was some linoleum that I had to remove and will have to replace, but the good news is that it was all confined to the storage compartment where I keep our tarps and other supplies.
  • Jobs and Side Income – Our company issued a standard across-the-board 2% raise, which wasn't life changing but it's certainly nice.  Side hustle income was pretty nice, and my wife has now been in business on her Etsy design shop for two years now!
  • Interior painting – We pulled out the paintbrushes again as my wife and I decided to re-paint the kitchen.  When we moved in, a bright color (reddish orange) seemed to fit the bill.  The problem with bold is that your appreciation for it can change quickly.  We've now painted it a more muted light gray/tan color, which has provided a very nice change for us.

It's been a very busy first few months of the year.  Now that the mornings and nights are longer, more fun things will certainly come.  We're looking forward to what the next few months will bring.

Readers, how has your first third of 2015 gone?  Do you feel you're ahead, behind, or right on target for where you want to be?  Thanks for reading!