January At The Gym

I never really stated it as a goal (namely because I didn’t do 2015 goals on my blog this year), but I wanted to get a little more serious about tracking my fitness through 2015.  I have a Fitbit that I really like that is helping with the day to day tracking, but I’ve been keeping track of my activities with going to the gym, and thought I’d post a little bit of detail.

Planet Fitness Is Great…For The Most Part

I wrote last year about how I was planning on switching gyms when it was announced that a new location was opening within a couple of miles.  I actually signed up prior to the opening, and have been going regularly or semi-regularly since it opened at the end of last May.

It’s interesting because the membership has been steadily building, and it took a big leap forward in January with all the new people trying to work in their resolution.  I typically go very early in the morning (around 5:00AM) so I never had to put up with a full gym, but my wife, who signed up in November and often goes during busy times, noticed a definite swarm.

I love the location and the price can’t be beat for what I do (so far, just the treadmill), but I will be keeping a close eye on things.  Now that the machines have gone through a few months of use, they are definitely showing some wear and tear, as many now have squeaky belts or loud motors.  These things are bound to happen, I just feel that they should stay on top of them, and will be keeping a close eye to their ongoing attention to things like this.

My Goals

I went into the month wanting to exclusively work on the treadmill, because my top goal was to lose some weight.  A few years ago, I got as high as 170 pounds, and slowly dropped to around 155 pounds a couple of years back.  Largely because of my love of snacking, I drifted back up to around 162, and then put on a little bit more around the holidays, hitting 165 around New Year.  My goal is to get back to 155, and I wanted to focus on cardio for now to hit that goal, as well as drastically reducing my snacking, which I’ve done.

My wife does a pretty balanced workout, including weights and such, and while I fully know that the this will get me in overall better shape, I really wanted to just concentrate on what would drop me a few pounds the quickest, so I stay all on the treadmill.

So, knowing that I wanted to hit the treadmill, I set a goal of running 60 miles for the month.  I typically log 3-4 miles per visit, so I knew that this would require a solid routine, which was exactly the idea!

Tracking My Treadmill Usage

I track my steps through the Fitbit, but I also started tracking my detailed workouts.  I figured out an easy way.  Since I take my phone into the gym anyways so that I can listen to music, I simply snap a picture of the readout display at the end of my workout.  This tells me the distance, the time, and the estimated calories.  Then, I simply log the data into a spreadsheet.

January At The Gym Results

As mentioned, my goal was to log 60 miles for the month, and I’m proud to say that I hit my goal.

Here are the overall stats:

Number of Runs: 16
Total Miles: 63.15
Total Time: 11 hours, 50 minutes, and 57 seconds
Total Calories Burned: 8,443

Running Pace

The totals above include a cool-down, which I do the same.  If I backed out the cool-down totals from the numbers above, my running pace for January was on average 10 minutes and 31 seconds per mile.  Not bad for a novice like me!

Out of the sixteen runs, thirteen had my pace between 10-11 minutes per mile, one was better (9:54) and I had two bad workouts where my average was over 11 minutes.

Marathon Pace

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t turn 3-5 mile runs into a 26.2 mile excursion and keep the same pace, but if, for the sake of argument, I could, my marathon pace would be 4 hours 35 minutes and 45 seconds.

That’s not too bad! Of course, in addition to knowing that I probably couldn’t keep that pace, I also have no interest in running a full marathon.  I could see myself doing a 10K (approximately 6.2 miles) or at most, a half marathon, but nothing more.

Weight Loss Check In

On top of hitting my 60 mile goal, I also checked in at 160 pounds for the month, so I dropped the holiday weight and was able to take a small chunk out of the gradual weight I’d put on.  No complaints at all!

February Goals

Since we’re now in a new month, I figured I’d put my goals out there for the month of February.  I’m going to set a range of 50-55 miles as my monthly goal, again focusing exclusively on running on the treadmill.

Readers, did you set any fitness goals for the year, and if so, are you still working at them and how are they coming along?

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10 thoughts on “January At The Gym

  1. That’s awesome. Congrats! I started a free trial at the gym in my tiny town about 2 weeks ago. Then I got sick for a week and a half and now we are digging out from a blizzard. Oh well. Best laid plans and all.

    I do intend to join and start getting ready to do some 5ks this summer. My goal is to do 3 before running outside is no longer possible next year. Totally doable as long as I stay on top of it!
    Lyn recently posted..Cook Stuff: Slow Cooked Apple Cinnamon QuinoaMy Profile

    • Yes, I’ve not done an actual 5K race before, but I’m hoping that since I routine run that amount or more, that I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Hope you feel better!

  2. First off, kudos to you for getting to the gym at 5:00am – that’s genuine commitment.

    I like how you’re quantifying so much of this. Perhaps because it’s how my mind works as well, but it really helps not only have a specific goal, but also helps motivate, track progress, and understand what’s involved from a time commitment perspective.

    As far as my own progress goes, January went well. The bottom line is that I kept up my workout schedule and lost over 5 pounds – though I think some changes in nutrition might have been the primary drivers.
    Squirrelers recently posted..The Frugal Super Bowl PartyMy Profile

    • Good work, though I’ve found that when you give yourself multiple contributing factors (gym and eating better), you exponentially increase your chances of positive results!

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