I Hate Buying Or Doing Something Twice

One of my pet peeves is when something gets done and then has to be done over again.  Doing something twice?  Argh!  The same goes with buying something and having to buy it again.

I tend to take the long view on this, as well.  For example, I shook my head when I found out that a road that I remember them building in 1989 was being rebuilt.  I guess here in Michigan, on a road that’s heavily used by both cars and semi trucks, that makes sense, but I still shook my head!

But more recently and more close to home, we’ve had two such examples, and both drive me crazy!

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Those Crazy Russian Drivers

Taking a little break from personal finance, I thought I’d talk about some things that amuse me of late.  One of the biggest things I’ve recently been turned onto is Russian Car Crash videos.  You can find thousands of them on Youtube, just start typing Russian Car, and it’ll come right up.  Here is a channel that I’ve found is one of the more entertaining.

The reason that there are so many from Russia is that, from the sounds of it, just about every driver installs a dashcam.  I guess insurance fraud is rampant over there, so companies will offer discounts when drivers install a dashcam.

The other reason is that, from what I can see, Russians simply haven’t picked up on the nuances of driving just yet.

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Just How Many More Years of Jim Cramer Must We Put Up With?

My mother-in-law is very close to retirement.  She actually gave her notice and then very nicely agreed to work a bit longer when they didn’t find anyone to replace her by the time she was set to leave.  But, her clock now is ‘any day’ and I know she’s looking forward to it.

This past Christmas, my father-in-law gave her a present, a little countdown clock that counted down the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds to her official date.

It reads zero now, and I’m wondering if we might possibly send it to Jim Cramer and have him program it.

Because, seriously, if there’s one person whose retirement I cannot wait for, it is Jim Cramer.

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I Declared War On Our Basement Clutter

Over a year ago, I wrote about a plan to take on clutter.  While we tackled many of the items mentioned, we didn’t get to all of them.  In some areas, the reduction was just window dressing.  The major area where this applied was our basement.  The basement clutter is, in a word, out of control.

Our basement has slowly been cluttering out of control for quite some time.  Despite some de-cluttering of targeted areas, the overall growth in clutter was winning.

Fighting A Losing Battle

I started to realize that we were losing the battle here.  Unfortunately, that only made the problem worse over the last few months, because of the natural tendency to quit trying altogether when things go wrong.   Simply put, I knew that de-cluttering the basement would take some major time and effort.  Simply rearringing a shelf here and there just wasn’t going to do.  But I kept putting off and putting it off  until a later day.

Well, I’m proud to say that day has finally arrived!

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Should We Consider Giving Our Kids An Allowance?

Hopefully my readers can weigh in on this question regarding allowance.

The Allowance Question

Our kids are 6 and 4 and we have started talking about whether we should consider giving them an allowance.  Both kids definitely understand the concept of money, so far as that if you want to buy something that you have to pay for it.  Our oldest definitely understands that you have to have enough money to buy something.  He even gets the concept of debit cards, in that the money is in the bank, and that the card means that they’ll take it out.  We haven’t gotten really into credit cards just yet, but that’s just fine with me!

But, both of our kids love ‘buying things with their own money’.  When there’s a toy that they really want, they’ll often offer to pay for it with their own money.  And, they do!

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The Richest People in America You Might Not Know

Forbes releases a comprehensive list every year that identifies the richest people in the country. It’s not surprising that Bill Gates consistently reaches the highest spot. The Microsoft Founder has a net worth of more than $70 billion. You might not be surprised when you come across Warren Buffet on the list either. Known for his company Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet is worth more than $60 million. While there are names and faces that you expect to see on these lists, you will likely come across a few names that you don’t know too.

Larry Ellison

 Unless you are a tech fan, you might go through life without ever coming across the name Larry Ellison. Named the third richest person in the United States, Ellison was the founder of the technology company Oracle. Ellison also ranked highly on a list of the most powerful people in the world. While many people know that the tech guru attended the University of Chicago and later dropped out, not as many know that he also dropped out of the University of Illinois at Urbana. Ellison considers himself a self made man because he didn’t have the family connections that others had. Forbes estimates his total net worth at more than $50 billion.

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I Love Our Home Carpet Cleaner

A number of years ago, I’d purchased a home carpet cleaner.  I used it at my condo a number of times, but eventually it was no longer effective.  I tried cleaning it out and getting things back to working order, but it simply was not meant to be.  At the time I had a cat with long, thick hair. No matter how much I vacuumed before using the machine, it got clogged.  I think there was just too much hair.  The machine didn’t survive the move.

Time For A New Home Carpet Cleaner

I’d been looking for a replacement machine for a few years but never found one.  Instead I either cleaned by hand or had them done professionally.  About a year ago, I saw a deal on Woot for a Hoover Power Scrub machine.

I’d seen some deals pop up before, but never pulled the trigger.  The price seemed too high or the reviews indicated that they weren’t all that.  I wasn’t interested in something that wouldn’t last.

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Could Donald Trump Actually Be President?

By now, I’m sure that everybody knows that Donald Trump has been leading many polls for who people would vote for if the election for the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee were held today.  This upsets many people, causes our understanding and appreciation of Democracy to be brought into question, and has made Americans the butt of many a joke.

So could ‘The Donald’ actually be President?  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for yes and reasons for no and come back to answer at the end (or you could just skip ahead).

Reasons President Trump Could Happen

Name Recognition

I’m 40 years old and I have memories of Donald Trump in some form or another for at least 20-30 years.  I religiously watched early seasons of ‘The Apprentice’ until the repetition made me (and tens of millions of other fans) drift away.  Before that, he had his name all over buildings in cities around the world, and was not afraid of the camera.  Compared to just about any other candidate out there, Donald Trump by and far is the most well known name.

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