2015 Is Turning Into The Year Of Country Concerts

We generally don’t get out to too many concerts these days.  So when I say that we’re going to three concerts, that’s a big number!

Back in the day, it was common to go to a few shows per year.  With having kids plus sky high ticket prices, we’ve really cut back.

Still, this year, we’ve upped our game, and as it so happens, all three concerts we have on the slate are country music artists.  This is totally cool with me as I like country music quite a bit.  In fact, my wife is a big reason I started to like country music in the first place.  Back when we first met, and before we were even dating, I did a work assignment for a few months down in Panama City, Florida.  Country is about all there is there, and being that she liked it anyway, she made me a couple of CDs with various country songs, and I listened to them all the time when I was down there, and it was a good intro to country music!

Since then, I’ve enjoyed country music a lot.  I’m not a diehard country fan.  I would consider myself more of a casual fan, where I can turn on a country station, listen to it for a couple of hours, and be perfectly OK with it, but at the same time I probably couldn’t identify a good portion of the artists by name.

Well, since it’s my wife that’s a bigger fan, it should come as no surprise that all three concerts for the year are her doing.

Lady Antebellum

They’re one of the few bands where I actually know most of their music, so I was completely on board.  This one already took place, in June, and it was a BLAST!  I’ve been to a lot of different concerts , but this was my first country concert.  I really enjoyed the experience.  It seems like country fans are really fun without being too rowdy or crazy.

I also learned something else during this concert that seems to be pretty common with country shows: The opening acts are really good, as well!  They brought along two singers that both are good in their own right, Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes, both with songs that I’ve heard regularly.  Many times the opening act is a waste (last year, we saw Lionel Richie, which was completely amazing, but his opener was….Cee-Lo Green…yeah, thanks but no thanks!).  So, while the tickets weren’t cheap, the amount of entertainment was all there.

Jason Aldean

My wife is a big fan and asked for tickets for her birthday, and I purchased them.  We’ll be mb-2015-08-guitarheading to that show next month and every time a Jason Aldean song comes on the radio, my wife points it out, and I can say that I recognize and like a lot of them.  He’s bringing three openers, two with songs that I know.  This should be a fantastic time.

Luke Bryan

This will be an arena show and on the day before Halloween in Downtown Detroit, should be some good fun.  He’s another artist that I know has a lot of hits.  He’s also bringing a solid opening act (Dierks Bentley), so it should be great.

That’s it for planned concerts for the year.  My wife definitely took control and from what I can tell, it should be a fun year for live music.

Readers, do you go and see any shows?  What concerts have you attended or have planned for the year?

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6 thoughts on “2015 Is Turning Into The Year Of Country Concerts

  1. You’ve got me a little green over here! I think Lady Antebellum’s my favorite of your slate there, but I recently saw that Brad Paisley tickets were going for an unbelievable $30 over here in CA. Unfortunately, with a new baby and no reliable night-sitters, that wasn’t happening. You’re right about the opening acts – when I went to see George Strait ages and ages ago, JoDee Messina opened for him and it was fantastic!
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    • My very first country show was when I was just starting to date my girlfriend (now my wife) and I got her tickets to Kenny Chesney, and the opening band was Rascall Flatts who went on to be just as big!

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