Why You Should Ignore The Doomsday Stock Market Predictions

The stock market has not been pretty as of late.  All three major US indexes are in or have at some point recently dropped into correction territory, which is noted as a 10% drop.  Some stock market predictions are coming out that are driven by pure fear.

The bulls that drove the stock market to more than double over the last few years have taken a break, and the bears have been more than happy to step in and finally be right.  However, I think that there are some who are way off the mark.

Is This 2008-2009 All Over Again?

There are many out there who will happily tell you that the stock market is headed for another crash like the one that happened in 2008-2009 when the markets lost over half their value in about an 18 month period.

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5 Simplistic Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money

Working with a small budget? Need ways to cut back on operational costs in an effort to increase profit? Owners of small businesses don’t have the same financial luxuries of a large organization.  As such they must make economic decisions that will allow them to save money while still providing the same quality of products and/or services. There are essentially hundreds of ways in which you can cut back on your overhead costs.  However, some of them may require a large initial investment or an array of resources you may not have at the moment.

The good news is, however, modern technology has made some money saving options a lot easier for small business owners to accomplish. Here are five considerations.

1.  Outsource Instead of Hiring

There’s more to hiring an employee than just paying for their salaries. As a business owner you would also be required to pay employee taxes, insurance costs, and more which can add up on a small budget. Not to mention the costs of office space, furniture, and training for a new employee to start. However, if you were to hire a freelance contractor or outsource certain aspects of your business, you will come off a lot cheaper.

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Mystery Solved: Dilbert Works At Volkswagen!

If you work in an office, chances are you’ve run into one comparison between your office and the Dilbert comic strip.  I love Dilbert, and ever since the stopped making new Far Side strips, it’s my desk calendar of choice.  One of the things I’ve often wondered is what company Dilbert would work for in real life.  Well, after reading the news this week, I think the answer is pretty clear.  Dilbert must work at Volkswagen!

Liars, Cheats, Polluters

One of the top stories, and I think it will only keep gaining momentum, is how Volkswagen got caught and fully admitted to lying about their diesel cars.  They made hundreds of thousands of diesel cars, and it turns out, had a computer software program that blatantly worked so that they were lying about emissions and polluting the enviornment.  And, this was all intentional!

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8 Ways To Effectively Multi-Task

We’ve all got a lot to do.  As life moves along, there’s always many tasks to accomplish and goals to achieve.  Is there ever a time where you don’t have more than one task to complete?  As tasks come from so many different areas including work, home, kids, education, and otherwise, I’m sure the answer if of course not!

When you’ve got so much going on, it’s easy to let something slip by or let things get out of control.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  If life has given you many things to juggle at once, here are some ways to keep things under control:

Write down your task list

This one may seem really basic, or if you’re really crazy, you may say that there’s no time for it, but writing down your task (or typing it into your phone, just so long as it’s down somewhere that you’ll look at) is key.  Keep your task list together, and you’ll be forced to look at what you have to do regularly which can prevent things from getting forgotten about.

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10 Things I’ve Been Up To Lately

It’s mid-September already, and that just blows me away.  It doesn’t seem like but a few weeks ago that summer was just starting.  We had dreams of long days at the beach and warm nights.  Now we’re holding onto every last bit we can.  We’ve even had a couple of fall-like stretches here in Michigan.  Boo!  Here are some things I’ve been up to that are keeping me busy.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Nobody knows the exact methods by which your credit score is calculated, but you should definitely understand the importance of having a good score, and some methods which will help you improve your credit score.

Here are 7 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Pay on time.  Every time .

The biggest knock on a credit score is late or missed payments.  While you can’t erase the sins of the past, you can make sure that moving forward you prove your credit worthiness by paying every bill on time.

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6 Questions To Ask Before Any Major Purchase

We’ve all made major purchases at one time or another.  Whether it be a new (or new-to-you) car, a home, an education, or some other ‘big’ purchase, dropping a big wad of money on something happens to everybody.

The key, however, is to make sure that your money is well spent.

Here are six questions to ask yourself before making a major purchase:

Why Do I Need This?

This is the first and most important question that you need to ask.  Yes, it’s more important than anything to do with the money related stuff, because if you can’t answer this one, you may not need to answer any other question.  Keep in mind that ‘wanting’ something is a big difference from actually ‘needing’ it, so be very truthful and honest about how you answer this.  Now, if your furnace broke and your alternative is to spend the winter without heat, then the answer is pretty obvious, but if it’s replacing a car that you’ve driven for five years and you want another one, you had better do some thinking!

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Car Dealership Repair Shops Are A Ripoff!

Do you use dealership repair shops for your service needs?  I often have but am reconsidering.

A Design Flaw In Our Rainier

I take pride in the fact that we have two older cars that are fully paid off.  In the long run, avoiding car payments has saved us tens of thousands of dollars over the time that we’ve owned the cars.  With my 2006 Pontiac and my wife’s 2007 Buick, things work well, but there are costs involved with having older cars.

Most of the time, when an issue comes up, we wince and shake our heads at the cost, but go ahead and pay it knowing that we’re still coming out ahead in the end.

But, there was one cost that we’ve had with my wife’s car that we never liked, but until recently, we just put up with.

The car door handles.

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