Maybe It’s Time To Quit Facebook For Good

How many times do you check Facebook feed in a day? Are you constantly waiting for friends you barely even know to “like” one of your posts? When the social media juggernaut launched 10 years ago, it was a novel idea that promised to reconnect you with long lost friends and family members. It even showed you the degree of how well you knew each other because of all the other friends you had in common.  Today, Facebook has become the antithesis of itself. It has morphed into an ad-riddled, creep show/reality TV-show hybrid starring you, your family and your friends. It’s a narcissist’s dream come true, a place where voyeurism is OK and kind of makes you feel less than special after spending a few minutes slogging through your feed.   Here are the top reasons why you should Quit Facebook for good.

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7 Reasons I’m Nervous About Our Cell Phone Plan

I’m starting to get a little stressed out about our cell phone situation.

We are on a family plan with Sprint.  Both my wife and I have been on Sprint for years, probably both well over 10 years.  When we got married, she moved over to my plan.  Later on, we actually picked up my mother-in-law and sister-in-law as having multiple lines on one plan was the most cost effective solution.

I’m the last person whose two-year contract is coming to a close, and I’m starting to question whether to stay with Sprint or not.

A lot has changed in just the two years since we all last agreed to move forward, so here are some considerations.

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Tweaking My To Do List To Improve Productivity

One of the first things that I do at work each morning is type up a to do list.  I used to write it out by hand, but now I have an Excel file that I modify each day.  It’s actually pretty nifty.

Organizing By Recurrence

I have two columns of tasks.

The left column consists of tasks that I do every day.  Things like cleaning my inbox at the beginning and end of every day, organizing my desk, and other such tasks are in this column.  You might wonder why I list tasks that I do every day, and the answer is simple: To make sure that I do them…..every day!

The column on the right is for things that I have to do that aren’t necessarily daily tasks.  These are more related to the projects that I’m working on.  I have to update project schedules, send out status reports, input service request tickets, schedule meetings, etc.  I also put an item for each meeting that I have that day.

After I’m done, I print it off and that becomes my list for the day.  As I often have things come up, just like in any job, I leave some blank areas where I can write items in.

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Cider Costs: What The Apple Is Going On Here?

Fall and apples go hand in hand here in Michigan, as I know is the case in many other parts of the country.

We have always enjoyed many of the activities that fall brings, and those centered around apples have always been favorite, specifically going to the cider mill and also apple picking.  Both of these things have been traditions of our families for the last few years.

But, we noticed this year that things are just out of hand!

Cider Prices

Who doesn’t love cider and donuts?  I know everyone in our family loves these things.  Still, the price of cider these days is through the roof.  A gallon is now around $8 at most local cider mills!  This pricing came about in kind of a sneaky way.

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Budgetary Demands Should Conquer Other Considerations

Everyone enjoys spending money. Unfortunately not many are particularly good at following a budget to keep their finances in good order. The level of credit card debt in the USA suggests that there are plenty of people spending on a regular basis without actually paying off the bill in full. Once a balance is established it incurs a high level of interest. Interest is added at the end of each month so something that might be a bargain purchase bought on credit might ultimately end up being very costly indeed.

The recession resulted in an increase in consumer debt. The wise have paid off their debts as a matter of priority. Now it’s your turn. If you write down your regular income and expenditure it will put your financial position down in front of you.  Your credit card debt and any debt on store cards will be costing you a significant amount of interest each month.

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Starting A Run Is Harder Than The Finish

Have you ever run?  Did you ever notice that starting a run is harder than finishing.  At least it is for me.  Read on!

Getting Back In The Groove

Recently, I was talking to my wife about something I noticed while running.  I’ve recently ramped up my running after having taken a good portion of the summer off to rest my foot, which was having some soreness.  My wife is an outdoor runner where I prefer to run indoors on a treadmill.  So that someone is home with the kids, we rarely get the opportunity to run together, but we always compare stories and work to encourage each other.

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Declining Net Worth: A Personal Mini-Recession

I think the economy is fine, even though many Wall Street followers will try to lead you to believe otherwise.  But, unfortunately, we’re in a bit of a rut with our personal finances.

I just completed our net worth analysis, and for the fourth month in a row, our net worth has fallen.


Luckily, the amounts every month a pretty small, and even with four months of losses, the overall loss isn’t much.  It could be made back up with one good month, so here’s to hoping.

Still, I thought it would be worth looking at why.

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No Exam Life Insurance: Guaranteed Issues vs. Simplified Issue

Not all no exam life insurance policies are created equal. There are two primary differences when it comes to these policies.  These are guaranteed issue and simplified issue. One aims to make the process more convenient while the offer is a last attempt at getting life insurance when you’ve been denied or may be denied elsewhere.

Have you had issues getting life insurance coverage with other carriers?  If so, you might be familiar with these two types of policies. Understanding how these work is important for you to get a good perspective on what to do next.

Comparing the Two

Caps are higher with simplified issue because it’s still geared towards healthy people. This means that the coverage obtained is guaranteed but limited. The bar for declines is higher with simplified issue since it is not meant for people with serious health issues. If you have medical concerns, it is a possibility that you could be declined for coverage with simplified issue. Simplified issue is intended to make the process easier.  However, the challenge with this is that you must still qualify in general.

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We Joined Amazon Prime

For the first time ever, our household has joined Amazon Prime as paying members!  We had previously been Prime members for a trial period during the heyday of the Amazon Mom program, and scored lots of great deals on diapers and such, but once our free period ran out, we returned as non-Prime members.

We have gone back and forth for awhile, and when Amazon had a one day $67 deal for new members last month (marked down from the regular price of $99) , in celebration of their Emmy award, we decided to go for it.

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to:

2-Day Shipping

The first and probably still most popular thing about Prime membership is the 2-day shipping.  We don’t have bad luck with the Free shipping, but it can back up at times, and always works out that when you want something most, it takes the longest to get there.  It’ll be nice knowing that most items will be there in two days.

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Working From Home

With more and more people quitting their jobs to pursue their passions as freelancers and home based entrepreneurs, the landscape of work is changing. Back in the day, you had to to have a 9-5 job – any job, especially if you were the man of the house – just to conform to society’s standards.

This often meant doing a job you hated, in an office you despised, much like what many people are still going through now. But what the heck. As long as it pays the bills and provides health benefits, all’s well that ends well. Right? Well, that pretty much sums up why 70% of Americans hate their jobs!

Shifting Gears

This has brought on a shift in the way people think. Many of them are realizing the benefits of working from home and are turning to freelancing or accepting positions as virtual employees for some of their income, while working on another side hustle to generate more money.

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