5 Things I Just Can’t Get Excited About

There are just some things that are everywhere.  They show up on the news, on trending lists, on the news, on your friends Facebook walls.  Whatever the case, sometimes things that are everywhere get nowhere for you personally.  You know what I mean?  Here are a few such things for me.  This is a list of five things that I can’t get excited about, no matter how hard I try or how hard people might try to make me.

  1. The latest music from Adele

    Until her latest album, I was a pretty big fan of Adele, but since the very first time I heard the opening to ‘Hello’, I just can’t get into it.  I change the radio station every time I hear any of her newer songs come on.  Here’s the thing.  It’s not because the music is bad.  Not at all.  The thing about Adele’s music is that every note she sings is rich and meaningful.  So why don’t I like it?  Because every note she sings is rich and meaningful.  It’s just exhausting!

  2. Chewbacca Mom

    Everybody’s probably seen the video somewhere on TV or Facebook or YouTube where a mom puts on a Chewbacca mask and starts going crazy with it.  I love Star Wars, and I get that this whole thing is silly, it’s fun, and that’s all good,  but I want no part of it.  I think the underlying reason is that I’ve hit my limit, for awhile, of things going viral.

  3. Game of Thrones

    I see stuff on Facebook and the news all the time. This shows that it’s kind of a big deal, so you’d think I’d be into it.  I love a lot of serialized drama that’s come to the forefront over the last 15 years or so, from The Shield to The Sopranos to Breaking Bad to The Americans.  I love stuff like that.  But GoT is something that’s never crossed my radar.  Not from the beginning.  For some reason, I’ve always put a mental block on it.  I couldn’t tell you a single thing about the storyline if asked.  In fact about the only thing I know is that some people abbreviate it GoT.  That’s all I know, and I’m fine with that.

  4. Super Hero Movies

    Man, have these ever taken over the multiplexes or what?  And, I haven’t really watched a single one over the last few years.  No X-Men, no Captain America or…well, I can’t even tell you a lot of the others just that I know one is being released every other week, and making lots of people lots of money.

  5. The 2016 Presidential Election

    It seems now that we’ve gotten down to what appears to be the candidates mb-2016-05-ballotfor each  party nailed down that this is amping up the coverage and interest even more.  It’s gone the opposite way for me.  I’d held on hope that a candidate I could get behind might somehow make it through, but once they dropped out, my interest dropped down.  At this point I believe both Clinton and Trump to be unqualified, to be in it for their own personal interests and not those of the hundreds of millions that they’d be supposedly representing, and I believe both would harm the country.  Until I believe otherwise, my interest level in this election is nil.

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How I Easily Saved Money At Lowes

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, but one of the things I don’t like are the inevitable costs that come about for the upkeep on the yard areas.  Flowers are exempt, because, well, flowers are awesome, but there’s always a few other things.  I had a list of items that I needed to get and decided it was time for a trip to Lowe’s.  I was pretty happy with how things turned out because I saved money at Lowes by doing a few simple things.

Our Lowe’s Shopping List

  • Garden Soil for the soon-to-be planted flower beds
  • Potting Soil for the flowers we put out on the deck
  • Top Soil to fill in a hole where a rotting tree stump used to be
  • Grass seed for the aforementioned spot
  • A new hose nozzle as I broke the handle on the old one last year by snagging it on a tree.  Oopsmb-2016-05-sandbox
  • New play sand for the kids sand box
  • A bag of mulch.  We mulched last year and most of it lasts every two years.  There’s one tree in the street that needs it more often because the lawn mower tends to chew up the mulch
  • Wasp and hornet spray.  We get at least one nest every year.

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Financial Planning for Specialty Vehicle Purchases

Most of us wouldn’t mind owning a sports car, motorcycle, watercraft, or some other kind of vehicle used for excitement and relaxation. Money is the object, however, and the majority of these dreams don’t break through to reality. If the family budget can’t support the strain, opting to skip the urge to take up a “bargain” on a fun vehicle is a clear sign of financial responsibility. However, if there is room to spare, there’s no shame in going after these dreams and making them true.

Just do it responsibly. The following bits of advice for financial planning when specialty vehicles come into the picture can help pave the way:

Take advantage of exceptional lending options.

Most providers of car, motorcycle, and boat loans offer online calculators to determine your prospective rate. This enables folks to map out the next 36 months or so to see if their budgets can pull it off.

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The Question Of Loyalty

Here in the Detroit area, loyalty to the ‘Big 3’ automakers is always a hot topic.  At one point, it seemed like just about every family had someone employed by one of the automakers or parts suppliers, or had some other stake in the game.  Now, while there are a lot less people directly employed, it can still be a hot topic.

My Grandfather’s Loyalty

Recently, my dad told me a story about my grandfather and his loyalty.  My grandpa apparently loved Chrysler cars, and had a string of them.  Then, he ended up working for Chevrolet during the later half of his working days.  Once that happened, although he still favored Chrysler cars, he only bought GM cars thereafter.

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Breaking Up (With Our Dentist) Was Hard To Do

Nobody actually enjoys going to the dentist, right?  It is, after all, roughly 30 minutes of sitting there with your mouth open while someone pokes around with various instruments, some of which are sharp.  So, with all that fun, it does make things slightly more tolerable to have a dental practice that you are comfortable with.  I had that, for roughly 37 years, which is a very long time. Still, after considering a lot of different things, we decided it was time to switch dentists.

37 Years At One Dentist

That’s right, I went to the same practice for that long.  I started going when I was around five years old, and at the time, it was picked for me by the same logic by which I’m sure many people pick their dentist: It was closest to where my family lived at the time.

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How Many Ways Can One Repair Shop Break an iPad?

Every once in a while, my sister-in-law stays over at our house.  We live fairly close to her work, and if she has something else going around our part of town, she’ll sometimes crash in the guest bedroom.  A few weeks ago, she was staying over and came out of her room, upset.  She had dropped something on her screen and now had a cracked iPad.

It was still usable but definitely not something you want to live with long term.

Repairing A Cracked iPad

She looked around but was finding most screen replacements to cost in the neighborhood of $125-150.  Money has been a bit tight so she was holding out for a better deal.

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Vending Machines And Disproportionate Rage

I can actually tell you the approximate last time I bought something from the vending machine here at work.  It was in February 2014.

If that seems odd that I know that, read on.  It’s kind of a funny story.

Irregular Regular Buyer

I’m normally not a big buyer at any vending machine.  I’m a frugal guy and I know that vending machine products cost way too much money.  Generally, I’d use the vending machine to buy a snack, and so to make sure that buying from the machine didn’t turn into a regular habit, I usually keep a small stash of snacks in my desk drawer.  Cereal bars, granola bars, crackers, or other such things that satisfy most mid-afternoon cravings as they pop up.

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Scoring a Deal: Common Car Insurance Quandaries to Be Aware Of

Car insurance can be extremely confusing. There’s of course basic coverage and protection to have.  There are also additional items and sub limits that you need to be aware of. Not every motorist’s situation will call for additional coverage or higher than minimum protection.  However, you never want to guess with insurance coverage. After all, it’s designed to protect your financials in case something unexpected happens. When in doubt, getting an auto owners insurance quote is smart.

Here are some of the more common options that you should be considering with your car insurance situation:

Uninsured and Underinsured Car Insurance Coverage

The law says that every driver must have car insurance.  Still, there are many people who drive without.  Additionally, there are countless more people who are covered but underinsured.  These are scary thoughts.  What if your car is worth $30,000 and when someone slams into you, you find that their minimum coverage only covers $15,000?

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Rashes and Scratches: How I’m Dealing With My Eczema – 2016 Edition

I’ve had eczema for a few years now.  It’s pretty rare, though not totally uncommon, to develop it as an adult.  Typically children are more prone to it.  Adults that have it tend to have had it as a kid, which wasn’t the case for me.  In any case, it’s been an ongoing thing but as time has gone on, I’ve learned more and more ways to work through it.

Here are some of the recent activities in my ongoing battle with eczema.

Understand My Eczema Triggers

I don’t have breakouts all of the time, but when I do, I’ve found that there are often things that lead to them for me.  All of these things are quite common as far as triggers go:

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