2017 In Review

It doesn’t feel like a whole year has gone by since posting our 2017 goals.  But, the time is upon us!  Here is our 2017 in review.  I hope that your year was fantastic and that you have a great 2018 ahead!


I had a goal of increasing our net worth by about 10%.  We were able to beat that, with about a 15% performance.  This is largely because of the amazing run of the stock market.

We had talked about doing a refinance of our mortgage.  This is something that we pulled the trigger on.  We now have flexibility in our cash flow.  This has allowed us to pay cash for several projects around the house.  The biggest one we tackled this year was getting our exterior re-painted.


I have stayed consistent with working out, for the most part.  I have had to stop running because of some foot pain.

image from morguefile courtesy of xololounge

Still, I’m heading to the gym and now using the elliptical.  I miss running, though.


I was steadily gaining weight throughout 2016.  I set a goal of losing 15 pounds and then keeping most of it off.  I never got quite to 15 pounds, but I did get to 13.5 pounds.  I was able to keep most of that off.  I’m currently down around 10 pounds total for the year.  Not bad considering this is the holiday season!


We had some awesome vacations.  The summer camping season was pretty good, though not our best.  Although we had a nice summer in terms of temperatures, we just never hit it lucky to get the best weather.  For both of our week long trips, the week before and week after were gorgeous, where we had cooler and/or rainier than normal conditions.  It was never a wash out but since we had to book these months out, we couldn’t reschedule.  It just felt like we were working around the weather more often than in the past.

We decided to add in a trip to Cancun for my wife and I to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Now that was awesome!  The trip and the weather and everything was simply incredible.

Our family took a week long trip down to Florida earlier in the year for Spring Break.  We rented a condo and had a great time.

We also did a mini-trip to Great Wolf Lodge, as our kids love the indoor waterpark.

All in all, we had lots of fun!  Most importantly, we made some great memories that will last us all a lifetime.


Unfortunately, I didn’t hit my goal of going to church as often as I would have liked.  The urge is pulling me closer, though.  I plan to renew this goal in 2018.


Our kids continue to grow, even though we tell them not to!  LOL.

They are involved in different activities.  Our son did baseball this summer, and is still in Cub Scouts.  He plans on starting basketball next month!  He also did a robotics camp over the summer.  Our daughter is in Daisy Scouts, and takes two dance classes per week.  School keeps them both very busy as well!


I have been at my current job for 11 years now.  There aren’t really any big surprises.  I really enjoy where I’m at and am well thought of by leadership.  The work life balance is incredible, though this if offset by pretty predictable salary increases.

Things were pretty good this year.  Readers, how was 2017 in your household? 

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