Are Credit Companies Giving Out Excess Credit?

We recently added another credit card to our household.  We’re heading down to Florida for a family Spring Break.  Since we’re flying Southwest Airlines for the first time, we get a big bonus by opening up a Southwest linked card operated by Chase.  When I opened up the envelope and saw the details, I had a bit of sticker shock.  How?  They had given me a credit limit of $26,000!  It made me wonder if companies are offering too much credit.

Card Limits Have Been Jumping

My wife and I have great credit scores, both well north of 800.  We buy almost everything via credit card, to maximize rewards.  We’re not surprised when we get approved for high limits.  Still, the $26,000 limit was way higher than I’d ever seen.  Still, I started thinking about how the limits have been steadily increasing each time we’ve opened a new card.  These are just in the past couple of years.

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Have You Observed Gender Equality During Your Career?

The recent women’s marches across the country got me thinking.  They seemed to originate from Donald Trump being inaugurated President, but were tied to a number of different issues.  One of the issues that I heard mentioned several times was ‘equal pay’.  It’s been well documented that women often receive less pay than do men for the same job.  This gap has narrowed over time but still exists.  The marches got me thinking about my personal experience in this area.  I’d like to share my personal experiences with gender equality in the workplace, and I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments.

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11 Ways To Have A Bad Job Interview

Looking for a job is not a fun process, at least to most.  It’s often stressful, frustrating, and can have many ups and downs.  I’m very grateful that I’ve had my for over ten years as the number of interviews I’ve had has been pretty small.  There are a lot of things you want to do to improve your chances of getting your dream job.  Additionally, there are things to avoid.  Here are some of those things you want to make sure NOT to do so that you don’t have a bad job interview.

Show Up Late

First impressions are everything, and if you’re not there on time to give your first impression, you’re in trouble.  People interviewing for a job usually have a tight schedule.  If you show up late, that is seen as very disrespectful and can be very disruptive.

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4 Tips for Planning to a Take a Year to Travel After College

Getting your education is sure to be one of your greatest achievements in life. It can also be a very demanding time that requires total dedication and concentration. You may want to reward yourself by taking a year off to travel  after college.  This is known as taking a “gap” year.  Of course, this will take the right amount of planning to be able to do so. Here are some tips that can help if you’re considering this option.

Tip #1: Financial planning

One of the things you should be prepared to do is to put a financial plan in place. It’s ideal to consider ways you can make money while traveling abroad or while saving up for this special time in your life.

You may want to consider putting your education to work.  Do some online tutoring to increase your income and assist with expenses. Other ideas include applying for jobs locally while visiting a certain area.

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8 Unusual But Effective Ways To Stretch Your Paycheck

Today we have a guest post from Jon at Money Smart Guides.  Jon will be providing some unusual but effective ways to stretch your paycheck.  

Those of us old enough to know, love to sigh in frustration that money ain’t worth what it used to be.

Horrible grammar aside, it is true that the value of the dollar has diminished over the years, mostly due to natural inflation, and partly due to other economic and fiscal factors (which seems to depend on which side of the ideological scale you sit). No matter the cause, the reality is that we all know our money doesn’t go as far as we think it should, and that usually means sometimes we have to take some steps to stretch our money a little farther.

And that usually means some kind of sacrifice.

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Getting Rid Of Yahoo Once And For All

I have had it with Yahoo.  A few years ago I wrote about how Yahoo had gotten smaller and smaller in terms of what I used them for.  That’s continued, and now I’m in the process of cutting the cord altogether.  I am getting rid of Yahoo!

When Yahoo Ruled My World

I remember Yahoo as the first bridge to the Internet that I had, and I used it for just about everything.  I used it for searches, e-mail, photo storage, investment tracking, sports information, and even online dating back in my single days.  It had everything!

Those were the glory days.

Who else remembers?

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Small Things that Can Ruin Your Credit Score

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers you have.  So, keeping it as high is possible is a goal for many.

Your Credit Score Is Made Of Many Things

You may have excellent credit now or wondering how to improve your score. There are many things you’ve heard of, such as bankruptcies ruining your credit or not paying your mortgage on time. However, there are other small and shocking things that can ruin your credit score.

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Avoid Walmart Site To Store Around The Holidays

Amazon has pretty much set the bar for online shopping, especially if you’re a Prime member.  Click, order, and a couple of days later, you have a box with your items.  It works great.  So great that other retailers have had no choice but to offer online ordering.  Walmart Site to Store is one such offering, where you can order from the retail giant and pick up at a nearby store.

You’d think that a company the size of Walmart, one of the biggest in the world, would have this process down.  However, as our recent experience shows, thinking this is kind of, well, wrong.

Christmas Gift: New Bikes For The Kids

Both of our kids learned to ride bikes without training wheels this last summer.  Our youngest, age 5, actually caught on first, which then pushed our oldest, age 7, to get it down.  Our daughter was riding a bike that we bought secondhand, and she loved it, but by the end of summer it was apparent that she was too small.  This wasn’t a big deal as we only paid $15 for the bike (and we can probably turn around and sell it for that).

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The End Of An Awesome Holiday Break

I just went back to work a few days ago and man, I need a break after the holiday break!  It was pretty much non-stop and it was fantastic.  Here are some of the day by day highlights.

December 22

Technically break hadn’t started yet, but we kicked things off from a ‘fun’ standpoint.  My wife and I both love the movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and got tickets to go on the giant movie screen.  We took the kids and made a whole night of it, going to dinner beforehand.  It was a great start.

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2017 Goals And Plans

We made it to another year.  We had a great year last year and are looking forward to another wonderful year.  Here are some 2017 goals and things that we have going on.  What are your plans for the year?


Our goal for money is to keep on keeping on.  We want to save for retirement a bit more and maybe for some larger projects, but nothing right in front of us.  Building our net worth in a slow and steady fashion is the goal.

We had considered the idea of a refinance of our mortgage to free up some cash flow.  This might still happen, but we put it on hold since rates started going up literally days after that post!  That’s honestly my luck.  It might be something to look at, but we’ll see.  I know many say rates are still low but I just have a thing against refinancing at a higher rate than I’m currently paying.  This is even more true knowing it wasn’t the case just a few months ago.

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