7 Tips for a Perfect Open House for Your Rental

An open house is crucial for attracting new tenants.  This is a time to show off the rental you put so much time and money into.  If you want to entice high quality tenants, prepare your property using these seven tips for the perfect open house.

  1. Make it Spotless

Nothing turns off a potential tenant more than a dirty property.  Dirt and grime will cause prospective tenants to turn right around and walk out.  You may want to hire a cleaning service that can deep clean the entire space, from the walls to the floors and everything in between.  If you have carpet, make sure it looks fresh and free of stains.  If the exterior is dirty, consider using a pressure washer to clean all of the outside walls of your property.

  1. Make the Space Appear More Open

As a landlord you want renters to feel at home.  Tenants come to open houses in order to visualize their future living space.  Make the space more open to allow them to imagine their own furniture in the property to make it feel like they already live there.  The first step to creating a clear space is to store unnecessary knickknacks, decorations or furniture that make the home look too busy. Rearranging the furniture is another great way to make the space larger.  Seek the help of a friend with an artistic eye to help optimize the space of your property.

  1. Clear Property of Furniture

If you’re moving, feel free to clear your rental of any furniture.  After all, there’s no better way to open a space than to have nothing in it.  A clean and empty property is the ultimate blank slate.

  1. Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color

Bright pink walls may be your style, but when it comes to rentals, neutral colors are the way to go.  It will make the space feel breathable and open and will let in more light.  Need help choosing a color?  Consult a paint specialist at Home Depot to find the perfect shade for your property.  They will help you pick out several swatches that you can compare to your walls to add dimension and interest.  Whites, light beiges, and even shades of blue may help you will create a calm and relaxing environment.  This year, navy is a good neutral to create a beautiful accent wall or to complimentary fixtures, so ask your expert at Home Depot for some ideas.

  1. Let in More Light

More light will make your home inviting and cozy.  Open all blinds and make sure the windows are clean.  If your property doesn’t get much light, place lamps strategically throughout the space to make it look brighter.

  1. Increase Air Circulation

A stuffy property is a turnoff.  Open the windows to let in fresh air.  Encourage circulation by placing fans in strategic areas, such as in a room with a small window.  If you’re showing your property when the weather is hot, close your windows and turn on the AC.  Air conditioning will keep the home nice and cool and it’s worth the extra spending.

  1. Bake Cookies

This is a big real estate agent secret.  Before you open your property for the big day, bake some cookies a half an hour before.  Choose a basic scent everyone loves like vanilla, sugar, snickerdoodle or chocolate chip.  Avoid cookies like peanut butter because the peanut smell may cause allergic reactions.  The bonus is that your potential tenants get a cookie just to sweeten the deal.

The open house should be an enjoyable experience. Remember to vet potential tenants through a service like www.mysmartmove.com to get the best of the best. This is the opportune time to build a professional relationship with your future renters, so use these tips to get started today.

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