Personal Finance Finesse: Leveraging the Third Paycheck Theory

There are pros and cons attached to getting paid bi-weekly, when twice a year you receive a third paycheck.  Most people budget on a monthly basis, accounting for two paychecks.  When this third paycheck comes around, it’s often money with no budget category!

It’s always a good feeling to get more money in the bank in some months when that magical third paycheck gets to happen.  But the wise will make the most of that sudden windfall scenario.

Here are some pointers on how to take the best advantage of that extra cash to improve your financial position.  This will include a quick explanation of how you end up with more money in certain months.  You’ll also get  some tips on how to get the maximum benefit from the boost to your finances.

Do the math

So how do you get that third paycheck?  Well, for bi-weekly payments it’s a pretty easy calculation.  There are twelve months to a year, right?  Most months see you getting two paychecks.  That works out to 24 paychecks we budget for.  Still with me?  But there are 52 weeks per year, meaning that you actually get 26 paychecks.  That’s two extra!

The obvious thing to do when working out your pay dates would be to say that you are paid every two weeks on a Friday.  So you get two paychecks per month, except for those months when the stars align and you wind up with three.

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Making Our Craigslist Selling List

Have you used Craigslist for buying and selling?  We have used it occasionally, but I think it’s time to consider stepping it up a notch.  As I look around the house, I realize that we have a lot to sell.  It’s time to make our Craigslist selling list.

Early Returns

We have a garage full of kids riding toys that we have no use for.  Tricycles, smaller bikes, and scooters for young tots were great.  But they’re not needed anymore as our kids are way too big.

I’m of the opinion that toys are meant to be played with and to bring kids joy.  These things aren’t happening with toys that sit collecting cobwebs.

There were eleven such items in the garage.  I noted their condition.  I went online to look at what the items would cost new.  In most cases, I settled on a price around half of what it would be new.  And, I listed ten of them.

Within a week and a half, four of the items sold.  We sold a boys bike, a balance bike, a tricycle, and a Cozy Coupe.  Nobody haggled on the price, so I think the method I used was fair.

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Bagged Mulch Or Bulk: Which Worked Better?

I add new mulch about every two years to the beds around our house.  Up until now, I’ve always used bagged mulch.  We had an SUV so it was easy enough to load up the back with as many bags as we could.  This was my first time having a pickup truck, so we decided to try getting bulk mulch.  This helped us evaluate whether bagged mulch or bulk was better for us.

We normally purchase bagged mulch from Lowes or Home Depot.  We found a place that sells mulch by the yard just a mile away from our home.  Basically, they just dump as much as you need (by the half-yard) into your truck.

Bagged Mulch Or Bulk: The Factors

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Lucky Pennies: How I Almost Accidentally Threw Away My Keys

Have you ever dodged a bullet?  Maybe not.  How about coming this close to doing something so ridiculously stupid that you’d kick yourself for months?  That’s what happened when I almost accidentally threw away my keys yesterday.

Too Many Changes In Routine

Getting ready and leaving for work is a pretty standard process.  I generally leave around the same time, have the same things, and can be fairly predictable.  Yesterday, there were a bunch of differences in my routine.

  • I had a loaner car. My truck was kept overnight so the dealer could complete a repair that they couldn’t get done in a day.  As such, I had my keys plus a set of keys for the loaner truck.
  • I was carrying out some recycling.  Yesterday was garbage day.  The cans were at the curb but I had a couple of things to add to the bucket for pick up.
  • I had more stuff than normal to carry.  Usually I just have my lunch to bring out.  I’d brought home my work laptop, so I was carrying that out, in addition to also adding the recycling.
  • I left a bit earlier.  I woke up early so I ended up leaving around 15 minutes earlier than normal.

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Oil and Gas Prices: Expert Investors are Looking at the Past to See the Futures

Read through the promotional material for a good number of financial products and you will find a wealth warning telling you that past performance is not a guide to future returns.  Some investors focused on items like oil and gas prices might disagree with that observation.

Investment companies are understandably keen not to make any rash promises.  After all, they want you to put your money with them based on their expertise.  However, any private investor is free to do their due diligence.  Someone who can look at past events and apply that knowledge to the future can come out ahead.

This seems to be the case with some savvy oil and gas investors.  This group often believe that vital clues could be gleaned and trends followed, as a route to profits. Here is a look at what aspects of past performance some experienced investors are looking at in order to determine their current investment strategy.

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7 Things To Do To Your Gas Grill

Ah, summer.  It’s here or right around the corner.  If you’re like me, then pulling out the grill is an integral part of the summer season.  I’ve always been someone who prefers a gas grill.  If you fall into the same category, here are some tips to make sure you’re ready for grilling season.

Check  Your Hose And Connections

The hose that carries the gas to the grill needs to be checked every year.  The hoses can crack, the fittings could come loose or crack themselves.  It’s important to make sure that you don’t have a leak.  Inspect the hoses for cracks.  To test the connections, use soapy water.  Put the soapy water over the connections and turn on the gas.  If any bubbles form, you have a leak.  If this happens, you need to replace your supply lines.

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