How We’re Funding Our Anniversary Vacation

I recently mentioned that we’re going on a ten year anniversary vacation.  We’re all booked up for flights and our resort.  Since we’re staying at an all inclusive resorts, we are comfortable that we have most costs covered.  One thing with other trips is you get stuck with fees, meals, drinks, etc.  We already have that stuff covered.

But, still, we had to pay for it.  I don’t know about you, but we often fund things like this from several different sources.  That was really true with this trip.

Funding Our Anniversary Vacation

Here are the list of sources that we’re using to piece together the budget:

  • A portion of our 2016 tax refund.  We always put some toward travel, and this year we put some extra for this.
  • A portion of our annual vacation savings.  We fund our vacation savings fund throughout the year, and a little bit went to this trip for the year.
  • A portion of one of my two ‘extra’ paychecks.  We budget for two paychecks per month, but have two months where we get three.  This is often used for funding ‘special’ items and this occasion seemed fitting!
  • Reward money from four different cash back credit cards.  We have four cards that we use to maximize our category savings, and we cashed all four in to put a pile of money toward the trip.
  • Side hustle money from both me and my wife.  Extra money can often help fund some of the extras.  It seemed to fit perfectly.

The trip is going to be fun, though I am stressed as I’ve never flown international.  It’s nice to know that the money aspect won’t be causing too much stress if all goes well!

Readers, how do you fund your vacations?  Have you ever had a special occasion trip like this that you’ve saved for?  Let me know your experiences in the comments below.  Thanks for reading.

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9 thoughts on “How We’re Funding Our Anniversary Vacation

  1. We just had a budget meeting on this topics ourselves. With travel planned through the end of the year, we’re tapped out on vacation budget. BUT we really want to do at least a weekend somewhere for our anniversary later in the year.

    So we’re estimating how many credit card reward dollars (cash back) we’ll get, moving some money out of the dining budget, and re-allocating some of the Christmas budget.

    It’s all about priorities! 🙂
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  2. w00t! Another trip!

    How do I fund vacations? I don’t: after the Great Recession I was never flush enough or confident enough to diddle away money on travel. You can’t budget money for nonessentials when there’s really just enough to live on.

    Thank goodness I live in a place that other people pay large amounts of money to visit. 😉
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  3. I budget a set amount each paycheck that goes in to a vacation budget. We actually have two right now – one for smaller, local vacations (like a night or weekend close by), and we are currently saving for our trip in 2010 or 2011 for the World’s Fair in Dubai. Having a long term bucket is nice to be able to do. In addition to the paycheck amount, we tend to toss in some extra if we ever get it – like overtime pay, leftover budgeted from another area that we didn’t spend that month, etc.
    Using this method of saving, we were able to “spontaneously” plan a trip to Australia last year. When I say “spontaneous” I mean the deal came up for really cheap flights from Detroit to Sydney that we had to act upon in March of 2016 and plan for travel in August. So we were able to get round trip tickets for $600 each – that included an upgrade to slightly more comfortable seats on the long parts of the trip between US and Australia.

  4. Travel hacking, side hustles, among other things. We also blogged about it on one of our posts:

    We travel almost every month – doesn’t matter if we take a plane or we just drive. As long as we’re out exploring, that’s still called travel for us 🙂

    We have a special budget for travel, and even though we do like to spend a lot on our travels, we still want to be FI within 10 years!

    • Mackinac Island is great. It’s one of our favorite places and where we typically went every 2-3 years for our anniversary until this trip. Let me know if you need any tips.

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