Midyear Checkup On 2018 Goals

It’s hard to believe that over half of the year has gone by.  I put together a list of 20 goals earlier this year.  It’s time to check on how things are going.  This is my checkup on 2018 goals.  Click here to read the full detail of every goal.


  • Be protective of my den.  In progress.  This is hard to judge but I think it’s going well.
  • Be more of the husband and dad I want my wife and kids to remember.  In progress.
  • Look out for my/our parents.  In progress.  Some of these are rather subjective, as I now see.  I guess I’d say I’m trying but ultimately would have to ask our parents how it’s going!
  • Be there when there.  Sometimes.  This is about staying away from a screen when around family.  I try but often find myself lacking.


  • Be stable. Pass.  Things are pretty, well, stable.
  • Spend with purpose.  Pass, for the most part.  Especially with major purchases, we make sure to look at every dollar.
  • Be wiser.  Fail.  Still lessons to be learned!
  • Setup a trust/will.  Fail.  Have not gotten started.  I know, I know…


  • Exercise.  Pass.  I’ve kept up a steady routine of running and walking.  I’m happy with this.
  • Moderate.  Fail.  I still grab too much from the candy dish or junk food shelf.  I can do better!


  • Figure out Pinterest.  Fail.  I’ve been reading up on the success and fail stories of others.  But I need to apply it and get started.
  • Comment.  Sometimes.  I go through cycles where I comment a lot on other blogs, and then I don’t.  I definitely could be more consistent.
  • Facebook.  Sometimes.  I’m trying to be more engaging on Facebook, but this isn’t that important anymore.  Unless you’ve got thousands of followers, it seems you’re not going to get anywhere.  Their algorithms definitely don’t do the little guys any favors.
  • Really be part of the personal financial community.  Fail.  I wish I could say I do better, but at this point, I feel like I could vanish and very few would miss me.  That’s not me being an integral part of the community.
  • Redesign.  Fail.  I’ve looked at some ideas but haven’t done anything to refresh the look.


  • Look for internal opportunities.  Success.  I read through our opportunities list but none have really struck me as interesting.
  • Review other options.  Success.  Same as above.  I’ve seriously looked at other options for me, but none have been appealing enough to consider leaving.


  • Appreciate beauty.  Success.  Every now and then I just stop and take a look at what’s in front of me.  Mental snapshots of great moments are key.
  • Live for today and tomorrow.  In progress.  This is always something you can do more of, right?  I will probably never say I’m ‘done’ here.
  • Take risks.  Fail.  There’s still time to jump out of that proverbial plane!

So far, it’s been a pretty good year.  I would like to spend the rest of the year touching up on some of the more important goals above.  As I look now through this, I think the central theme is to be more content.  That I definitely need to continue to work towards.

Readers, how are your goals going so far this year?  

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