9 Tips To Take Care Of Your Roof

We replaced our roof a few years ago.  It cost us a lot of money.  Chances are if you own a home for a long period of time, you’ll have to replace the roof.  Once you do, you’ll want to keep it lasting for as long as possible.  With winter just a few months away, give your roof some attention.  A few easy tips and you can extend the life of your roof.  This can save you thousands in the long run.  Here are some tips to take care of your roof.

Inspect It Regularly

I don’t get up on my roof regularly.  However, I do walk around and check things out regularly.  I will look things over every spring.  After a big windstorm, I always walk around.  So far I haven’t noticed any problems, which is great.  However, if there did happen to be a problem, early detection and repair is key.

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In Search of Debt Relief? Read This.

Finding yourself in more debt than you can bear? You wouldn’t be unique. Overall American credit card debt reached $927 billion in 2017, a five percent increase, according to NerdWallet. As you can imagine, this means that the average American household with credit card debt carries a lot of it; $15,482 to be exact.

Combined with the accruing monthly credit card interest and secured loans like a mortgage or auto, a consumer can quickly get in over their head.

If this scenario sounds familiar, there’s no shame in seeking a debt relief solution. After all, the worst way to handle debt is to do nothing. Instead, be proactive; start your search for debt relief solutions properly with this baseline approach.

Don’t Expect a Fast Resolution

If you’re expecting to get rid of your debt in a relatively quick manner, be prepared to lose some stuff. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest option by far, taking 4–6 months, but the court may seize some of your assets to help pay back your creditors. You can protect your assets with a lengthier approach; debt settlement takes between 2–4 years and chapter 13 bankruptcy 3-5 years. Consolidation and credit counseling timelines will vary based on your debt level but will still take time to play out.

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We Sold Our Camper!

What a whirlwind few days we had.  As you may remember, we had been considering selling our camper.  We decided to give it a shot, and wow!  We sold our camper in record time.

Deciding On A Sale

After I wrote the article in late August, my wife and I had a serious discussion.  We decided that we would definitely be looking for a new camper by next season.  The camper was still great.  Our family had just outgrown it.  We camped 31 nights this season in our camper.  With it being a lightweight camper, there were drawback.

  • The water tank is small.  We always had to fill it during trips.
  • The holding tanks are small.  We dumped dishwater and mostly used the campground bathrooms.
  • The beds are a pain.  Folding them down once or twice a season is fine.  But, we camped over half a dozen times.  It’s a lot.
  • We were sick of the minor problems.  There was nothing awfully wrong.  The annoyances had just grown, well, annoying.

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7 Ways For Families To Manage Student Loan Debt

If your family has student debt, you’re not alone.  If you feel like it’s a mountain with no end in sight, that’s also quite normal.  The fact is that student loan debt is a huge part of our lives.  Some people think that their debt is something they’ll have to deal with forever.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can manage student loan debt.  It might not be easy or quick, but a good plan can pay off.  Here are a few way for your family to manage student loan debt.

Make Student Loan Debt Payoff A Priority

Some people think that student loan debt will be around forever.  For some people, paying off their debt is just another bill payment.  If you’re serious about getting rid of student loan debt, give it more priority.  Additional attention is necessary to tackle something so big.

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10 Ways To Nail Your Job Interview

So you found the perfect job.  There’s only one problem.  First, you have to nail your job interview.   Well, actually you need to get the job interview first.  But once you get it, you need to stand out.  Here are some ways to nail your job interview.

Dress Nicely

Don’t be flashy. Dress professionally.  You want to stand out in your job interview, but not for the wrong reasons.  If you dress nice, it shows respect toward the interviewer and the company.

Start And Finish By Saying Thank You

Even though it’s their job, the person interviewing you is giving you their time.  Make sure you express appreciation for that.  Give a nice smile and handshake while saying thank you at the beginning.  At the end, thank them again.  Manners matter for people of all ages.  Use them.

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5 Ways to Save for Retirement

Everybody dreams of retiring in their 60s and enjoying all the things they’ve put off for the last few decades. Unfortunately, the reality is that it takes a lot of planning to be able to retire at all, and many people never get that chance. If spending your days away from the office and in the sunshine is important to you, check out these tips to save for retirement now.

1. Get the Most Out of Your 401(k)

If one of the perks of your job is access to a 401(k) plan, now is the time to begin using it. These plans allow you to add money to your retirement savings prior to paying taxes while Roth 401(k)s add money after taxes. Either way, saving money now helps to set you up for the future. Some employers match the money you add to your 401(k) up to a certain percentage, so do your best to max out that benefit. While it may give you a bit less to work with now, the free money from your employer will be helpful in the future.

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