When I Once Helped Somebody To Be Frugal

It’s always nice to help someone, right?  Helping people makes you feel good, and (hopefully) them as well.  Here in the finance world, helping someone to save money is always a goal.  This is a look back when I once helped somebody to be frugal.

A Simple Conversation

Where it started was a simple walk down the hall to a meeting.  On the way, the co-worker I was walking with said something that floored me.  It was simple but humbling when he told me that I inspired him to start bringing in his lunch.

We talked and I found out that he usually went out for lunch.  Making a lunch was something that he had never bothered to do.  So, when he got hungry, he went out. Or he would go to the cafeteria.  Maybe the vending machine.  In any case, he never brought in a lunch.

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3 Money Tips to Keep Married Couples Happy vs. Hostile

Recently, we looked at 8 tips for newlyweds in debt. Indeed, while it’s admittedly not as romantic as talking long walks at dusk, making wise and practical money-related decisions is not just important for a happy marriage.  In fact, it’s essential!

Why essential? Because the number one cause of marital breakdowns isn’t what you think.  The Lack of shared interests, constant arguing, pesky in-laws, lack of intimacy, or even infidelity are bad, but not the worst. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, the most common reason why couples head to marriage counseling — and then in many cases, to divorce court — is money woes.

The bad news is that there is no magic wand (or app) to keep all money problems at bay. It’s something that all couples — including the 1-percenters out there who certainly aren’t immune from marriage-induced financial pain — need to deal with throughout their relationship.

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Some Cub Scout Camping Tips To Know

My son is in Cub Scouts.  We just went on our fourth camping trip in the time he’s been a scout.  We always have a great time.  The Cub Scout ranches that our pack visit offer many similar activities.  There are cabins for sleeping. They have areas where you can pitch a tent.  There are scheduled activities such as archery and BB guns.  Some have lakes for swimming when the weather is warmer.  While you’ll find tips on all of these, I thought I’d provide some Cub Scout camping tips that are more practical.  These are tips I’ve learned only from experience.

Plan Your Meals

Your pack should get together and plan meals.  They should be simple yet filling.  You’ll want to keep them simple because many kids have simple tastes.  It’s best to find things that most kids will eat.  We do things like hot dogs for lunch and pasta for dinner.  They’re pretty easy to make and we generally don’t have complaints.

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8 Tips For Newlyweds In Debt

If you’re a recent or upcoming newlywed, congratulations!  This is an exciting time, of course, and there’s so much ahead!  You’ve got many things to look forward to.  However, if you’re like many newlyweds, debt is a part of your life.  Nobody likes debt, but most of us have it.  Here are some tips for newlyweds in debt.

Be Honest

Hopefully, by now, you know everything there is to know about each others finances.  But, if you don’t, it’s never too late.  Make sure you both come clean about all of your debt.  You have to know where you’re starting from.

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Will Red Tide Ruin Our April 2019 Vacation?

For a couple of years now, we’ve enjoyed spring break in Florida.  We rent a condo and enjoy a week at the beach.  The building has a great pool and a great view.  In addition, it’s near lots of great restaurants and places to go.  Both in 2017 and 2018 we booked the condo for the following year before we even left!  It’s something our family has grown to look forward to.  But, our trip in six months may be in jeopardy.  Why?  Because of red tide!

Red Tide Hits Florida

I’ll admit.  Before this year, I never heard of red tide.  But, it’s been all over the news for the past few months.  Red tide is an algae bloom.  It can grow based on wind conditions, water temperatures, and other such variables.  If it gets big and close to shore, it kills fish.  The fish then wash on shore.  That leaves an awful smell.  On top of that, the algae itself has a smell.  Between these two, it makes any shore area basically inhabitable.

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Everyone Might Get Lucky Every Once In A While

I don’t consider myself a lucky person.  My grandmother, on the other hand, now she was lucky.  Her and my grandpa went every year to Las Vegas, and it seemed she always won.  When she went to play bingo, she often came home with money.  She was once on the TV lottery show, and won a jackpot.  Unfortunately, her luck didn’t run out on me.  I don’t get lucky when I gamble, so I usually don’t.

But, hey, every once in a while, you get lucky in other ways.  I recently did.

Grinding Hard Drive

My wife has a laptop that she uses for her Etsy shop.  She does custom designs that are all sent electronically.  As such, she has a lot of digital files.  There are graphic files, clipart, pictures, proofs and final designs.  She keeps most of her data on an external hard drive.

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