Our 2018 Fall To-Do List

Fall is here.  We definitely enjoy the cooler weather.  We’ve already had a great cider mill experience.  We have a fridge drawer full of apples from picking.  It’s a great time of year.  Although summer is my favorite season, fall is a great time. But, it’s not all fun and relaxing.  There is work to be done!  Here are some items on our fall to-do list.

Paint Swing Set

It’s been at least seven years since I last painted the kids swing set.  It definitely needs it.  This will honestly probably be the last time it gets painted.  It’s a wood set and water always breaks down wood.  Still, maybe this will get at least a few more years until they naturally grow out of the set.

Till The Flower Bed

We have a flower bed in front of the house that needs work.  There are nearby trees.  The roots from the trees have made the soil pretty hard.  After pulling the flower, I need to till the soil.  This should help for spring.  The flowers haven’t done as well as they used to.  I am hoping that some loosened soil will help next spring.

Fill In Grass Seed

I went through and put seed over some spots where the grass has gone down to bare soil.  I need to check if there are any remaining areas.

Fertilize The Grass

The pre-winter application helps keep the weeds down in the spring.  I have the fertilizer.  I’m just waiting until the new grass gets established before I apply it.

Sell Strollers

We have several strollers in the garage.  They are perfectly good, but we have no more need for them.  It’s time to clean them off and list them on Facebook Marketplace.

Organize Our Camper Stuff

As I mentioned, we sold our camper.  All of the inside stuff is neatly organized and in bins.  But, the outside stuff is in a big pile inside the garage.  Now, I need to get some additional shelving and store it properly.

Put Away Patio Stuff

Our glass table can’t sit out as is during the winter.  I tried it once and the snow was too heavy, and the glue that holds the glass to the frame became fatigued and had to be completely re-done.  So, I have to store it either in the basement or under the deck.

Trim Down The Perennials

We have quite a few perennials that need to be trimmed back.  So, some of them may need to eventually be removed.  We have some rose bushes that, no matter what I do, just look worse and worse every year.  It might be time to try something different.

Get Rid Of Old Computers

This really isn’t tied to fall but just something I want to do.  I have several old laptop and desktop machines.  But, I don’t use them. They are way too old to be sold.  I need to make sure to get any data from them and dispose of them properly.  I am just tired of things like that taking up space unnecessarily.

Start Planning For Christmas

It’d be nice to get a jump on the holidays.  They always seem to sneak up.  I’ve already encouraged the kids to start writing down items they might want for their lists.  Ideally, it’d be nice to go through our stuff and identify anything we might need.  Additionally, setting early shopping plans and budgets will only make things easier when the busy season hits.

That’s our list, though I’m sure it will get bigger.  What’s on your fall to-do list for the year?

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8 thoughts on “Our 2018 Fall To-Do List

  1. So one of these poses a perennial question: HOW do you get rid of an old computer? An old — really old — Mac still takes up room in a closet here…mostly because I don’t know how to bust it up so not even the techiest could find any data remaining on it.

    • Our county government has six different events over the course of the year where you can drop off things like this and they will fully take care of the equipment, including recycling equipment, destroying components with data, etc. Surrounding municipalities offer this for their residents as well. There is usually a small fee ($10 I think) but so far I’ve never heard any complaints, so I think they’re doing a legit job of it.

  2. I don’t have any projects that I’ll be tackling myself. My big project is to get the kitchen door replaced. It’s incredibly unsafe in that it’s hollow and has a window (which also means it’s terrible at keeping in cool air/keeping out hot air. I’m going to be calling someone here in the next couple of weeks to bid on it. I know I’ll feel better (and safer!) once it’s done.
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  3. Living in NYC we have a tiny space but still I feel like there is so much to do around the apartment to keep it clutter-free. We currently have 4 small bookcases, and I would love to get that down to 2. I also have whittled my paper files down significantly and need just a few more scanned or discarded before I can get rid of a filing cabinet. We just redid our bathroom this year (not ourselves but still had to live through it) and it has inspired us to keep the rest of the place looking as nice.

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