Are Interest Rates Really Too High?

The stock market has been a mess over the last couple of months.  I guess after almost a decade of solid growth, it was time.  Of course, our President has a different thought.  He blames high interest rates.  The President has been pushing the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates.  They haven’t been listening.  Currently the Fed rate stands at 2.25%.  So, are interest rates too high?

Comparing Interest Rates To Recent History

In a quick answer, no.  Interest rates are not that high at all.  Of course, this takes some comparison.

Since the start of the 1990’s, interest rates have been higher than they are now more often than not.

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How To Get a Loan When You Have Bad Credit

If finances aren’t your forte, don’t fret—you can still get a loan with a bad credit score. While you should always aim for a credit score between 850 and 700, there are plenty of ways to find funds if your three-digit number dips below that magical range. Whether you need money for an emergency expense or you’re trying to consolidate high-interest debt, there’s a loan option out there for everyone.

Work on Improving Your Credit Score

If you aren’t immediately in need of cash, take the time to understand your credit score and improve it. There are plenty of services that provide free credit reports so you can get a better picture of your repayment history. Correct any inaccurate listings that could be bringing down your score, and then get to work on creating a healthier financial future.

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Should Married Couples Use Coupons On A Date Night?

A few years back, my wife and I were in a small group through church.  This was an interesting experience.  Our church is very large.  In order to gain a more personal experience, they encourage small group participation.  We haven’t done small groups in a while, but it was fun to look back.  I remember one discussion that took place revolving around dating.  Particularly, the importance of married couples to continue to go on dates.  Of course, this led to some lively discussion about whether it’s OK to use coupons on a date night.

What Is A Date?

One of the things we found interesting is that the definition of ‘a date’ was a bit elusive.  Most people think of a date as part of courtship.  But, once you’re married, the courting period is, well, past.  So, is going out with your spouse considered an actual date?

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Financial Moves In The Event Of A Job Loss

The economy is rolling but it might not always.   In fact, things won’t always be so great.  It’s just the cycle of economics.  I’ve been at my job for 12 years.  It’s great and I feel secure, as I’m sure do many.  Still, it never hurts to prepare in the event of a job loss.  Here are some financial considerations in the event of a job loss.  These are tailored for my family, but are applicable for many.

Unemployment Benefits / Health Care

I would expect that any state unemployment benefits that I would receive would be eaten up by health care premiums, whether it be COBRA or a privately funded insurance policy.

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How We’re Trying To Support Local Business

As more and more stores close, one thing is clear.  It’s important to support local business.  During our last recession, Michigan was hit very hard.  The recession here started a couple of years before it hit the rest of the country.  Unemployment was worse than most other states.  That’s what happens when the economy is based on one industry that was hit very hard.  As it was, a lot of local business didn’t make it through.  Those that did can often find it tough to make it through.

Still, it’s important to support local business.  Here are some ways we have.

Shopping At Local Hardware Stores

I wrote an article about this a few months ago.  Local hardware stores, simply put, are a treasure.  You get helpful and knowledgeable people.  There are times to shop at the big box store, that’s true.  But I think paying a little extra now and then is well worth it at the mom-and-pop hardware.  There’s hardly any better way to support local business.

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5 Tips for Payday Loans Applicants

Sometimes, the inevitable happens and you are left without any cash. You feel powerless, and you don’t want to ask your family and friends for some money, as you find it embarrassing. Conveniently, there is one way that can help you survive until your paycheck is due – a payday loan.

In order to be eligible for a loan, there are some things you need to take into consideration. Here are 5 tips that could help you successfully apply for payday loans.

Improve Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating is crucial when applying for a loan. Still, it’s important to have a good credit score before getting one. This shows the lender that you are also up-to-date with payments. Moreover, the lender can see that they can rely on you when it comes to getting their money back when payday arrives.

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Alternatives To Raking Leaves

Fall is in mid-swing.  Shorter days. Cool days and nippy nights.  Beautiful colors.  Falling leaves.  Cider mill trips.  Hay rides.  There’s a lot to love.  One thing that many do not love is raking leaves.  But, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to!  There are alternatives to raking leaves.  Here are some of the different things you can do, and why they might be beneficial.

Can You Ignore Your Leaves?

When leaves fall, they eventually break down and basically turn back into dirt.  I’ve always thought that process is pretty amazing.  It is, if you think about it, right?

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