10 Tips To Nail Your New Years Resolutions

New Years is coming up.  That means only one thing.  It’s time for New Years Resolutions!  Now, I know that everybody comes up with these, right? I do.  But how often do we succeed at them?  If you’re like me, you hit some and miss quite a few.  It’s a time honored tradition, I suppose.

New Years Resolutions Give Hope Every Year

But, there is hope.  You can achieve your New Years Resolutions.  It is entirely possible!  Here are some tips to take your resolutions from dreams to successes!

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A Starr Is Gone Too Soon

I remember the first call I got from my wife about Jessica Starr.  It was in 2012.  She called to tell me that the new meteorologist on one of the local stations had been a good friend of hers from high school.  They’d lost touch after high school, but reconnected on Facebook.  Jessica always wanted to be a meteorologist, so how cool was it that she was doing it right back in her hometown?  I remember asking my wife if Starr was her real name or if she changed it for TV.  Turns out it was her real name.  That’s a name meant for TV, if you ask me!

Over The Years

Over the years, it was fun to watch her on TV.  She did the weather in the mornings.  The TV in our work break room is usually tuned to this channel, so I saw her quite regularly.  Over the years, she twice got bigger and bigger, and then was gone for several months.  Yep, she had two kids.  Just like our kids, it was a boy and a girl, just about two years apart.  They were a bit younger than ours, but it was fun to see her family grow as ours had.

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About Clark Griswolds Swimming Pool From Christmas Vacation

One of my favorite Christmas movies is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  I laugh pretty much from start to finish at that movie.  It’s hard to believe that it’s almost thirty years old (which is why this post is full of spoilers).  But then again, it is most definitely a holiday classic!  A major plot point is that Clark wants to surprise his family with a swimming pool.  He has already paid the deposit, but needs his end-of-year bonus to cover the outlay.  A nagging question I’ve always had, as a personal finance blogger, is whether the Griswolds swimming Pool ever got installed.

Let’s run some numbers.

The movie came out around 30 years ago, so all the numbers would be completely different.  So, let’s run some numbers based on today’s numbers.

As this is lighthearted and in good fun, these are just wild estimates.  It’s just a little playing around!

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Thoughts On Selling On Facebook Marketplace

In the past, I’ve sold some items on Craigslist.  While I love selling online, it’s no longer my go-to site.  I have started selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Why Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was rolled out a couple of years ago.  With so much selling going through Craiglist, eBay and the like, it was natural that Facebook would want to get in on the game.

I like Facebook Marketplace for the following reasons:

  • Familiarity – I use Facebook almost every day.  So do many people.  You don’t need a different login to sell (or buy items).  You don’t need a different app.  It’s all right there.
  • Real People – When you’re buying or selling on Facebook Marketplace, you’re using your regular profile.  So is the other person.  You instantly have a name and a face.  It seems to make things more personal.
  • Size – Facebook is huge as it is.  So right away you’ve got a built in audience.

It’s been a cool experience so far.  But, I have some observations.

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