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We are a third of the way through the year.  Actually, a little more than that.  I've been tracking my goals all year.  I wanted to provide an update for my 2019 goals in April.

As a reminder, I track my goals numerically.

I did make a change to a goal structure this month after realizing I had an error.  While correcting it, I decided to simplify things as well.

April Around Our Household

  • Vacation!  Our month started off on a high note, as the first week saw us down in Florida.  Check out my post about our wonderful trip.  We had lots of familiar adventures, and some new experiences as well.
  • Rain. It seems like it's been raining all the time.  We have had a few nice days here and there.  It seems like each nice stretch lasts for a day or two. Then we get rain by a few cold days.  Even though we're in May, we're still in that stretch.

2019 Goals – April Progress Report

I created this snapshot of my goals.  The expected completion % is where I would expect to be based on how much of the year has passed.  The actual completion is where I'm at in relation to the entire year.

goal tracking april

Tracking my goal progress through April 2019.

Goal Highlights

Here's a little more detail.


  • Steps. I want my 7-day step total to be at 125,000 or higher.  This sort of works out to averaging 18,000 steps per day.  It's my goal to hit this 90% of the 365 days for the year.
  • Run 3-times per week.  I'm a bit above my target here.  I may slow it down as I've been feeling some foot pain.  This led to a bout of plantar fasciitis in the past.  So I'm taking it easy to stay in front of any problems.
  • Walk 2-times per week. I'm still a little behind schedule.  That's fine with me.  If I remain above pace on running, I can just walk instead and catch up.  We also walk a lot during camping season which starts soon!
  • Sell 100 Items on Facebook. Hey, look at that.  Progress!  I only got rid of 2 items, but it's a start.  I'm actually creating a pile to get moving on this soon.
  • Read 65 books. Vacation helped me catch up on reading.
  • Body Composition.  I'm right on track so far.  I want to weigh 155 pounds or less, but am stepping down the target a pound per month.  This is probably going to get tougher starting in May.  By then I want to figure out how to assign a number if I'm over my weight.  I'm thinking that each 0.1 pound would drop me by 2%.


  • SEO Improvement. I'm still continuing to work here.  I did a few more behind the scene things, and am working to clean up old posts, but this will take lots of time.  It's slow work.
  • Writing. I made changes here.  I used to have writing in two groups.  This wasn't helping me so I combined it.  I also realized I miscalculated the number of posts.  So, I combined all of this and re-calculated.  I'm slightly behind. I want to average 2.5 posts per week, and it's more closer to 2.0.
  • Write Guest Posts. With my concentration on trying to improve my SEO stats, I haven't reached out to any bloggers yet for guest posting.  In good news, I got back from our recent vacation and still had posts queued up.  This hasn't happened in years!  So I'm getting closer to having a buffer!
  • Page Visits. I realize I won't hit my targets but I'm hoping to close the gap here.
  • Blog Income.  I'm definitely not going to hit my targets here.  Things are picking up a bit.  Again, hoping to close the gap.  This was likely a stretch goal, but it was dreaming big.

That's it.  Those are my goals and how I'm doing so far.  All in all, I'm satisfied with where I'm at.  It's obvious now that I won't hit 100% on every goal, but I really didn't think I would, to be honest.  But, what I know is that whatever percentage I do hit, I'll likely be ahead of where I would have without keeping track.

That makes it worth it.

Readers, how are you doing on your goals?  Am I the only one tracking these?  Thanks for reading my 2019 Goals – April progress report.