2019 Goals – February Check In

For 2019,  I set twelve goals that I could track.  This year I set goals that were numbers based.   I can track their completion, and see how I’m trending throughout the year.  With two months in the books, I am happy to say that I’m sticking with my goals.  I’m pretty excited about the progress I’m making.  I know I won’t hit every goal, but it won’t be for a lack of trying.

I think it’s important to hold myself accountable for goals, so here is my monthly check-in.

goal journey

February Around Our Household

  • Snow Days, Snow Days, and More Snow Days.  Our kids school district cancelled school all the time, it seemed.  We had snow.  There was the polar vortex.  Plus, we had ice.  It seemed like they were home more than they were at school.
  • Mini-Vacation.  On top of all the snow days, the kids had their mid-winter break.  We continued our tradition of going to the Great Wolf Lodge water park.  You can read about our experience here.

Looking At My Goals

I created this snapshot of my goals.  The expected completion % is where I would expect to be that we’ve completed two out of twelve months.  The actual completion percentage speaks for itself.  I included green/yellow/red markers  for each.

Breakdown Of Each Goal

In case you’re interested, here’s a simple breakdown of each of our goals.


  • Steps.  I want my 7-day step total to be at 125,000 or higher.  This sort of works out to averaging 18,000 steps per day.  It’s my goal to hit this 90% of the 365 days for the year.  So far I’ve only missed one day, so I’m ahead of my target.
  • Run 3-times per week.  I’m right on target here.
  • Walk 2-times per week.  While I walk a lot, this is to actually track a good long walk.  I am behind target, but I’m not worried.  We do a lot of walking on our summer camping trips, so I expect to make it up then.
  • Sell 100 Items on Facebook.I haven’t started yet.  Honestly, I don’t feel like making people come to pick up stuff in the winter.  I know once I start selling, I’ll get a bunch of items out at a time.  I’m still confident I can reach and exceed this.
  • Read 65 books.  I’m a bit behind here.  That’s OK.  Again, camping trips with time on the beach make summer a good time to catch up!
  • Body Composition.  I’m right on track so far. However, this will get tougher.  I started the year wanting my average daily weight to be 161 pounds.  I’m dropping that 1 pound per month until I get to 155, which is my goal.  So this month, my goal was 160.  I was around 158.5.  While that’s good for now, within a couple of months this would mean I’m not hitting my goal. So, I have to keep working a bit!


  • SEO Improvement. Money Beagle is an old blog.  I spent the first years just writing.  As such, my content ranking on Google sucks.  But, I’m working through trying to get things cleaned up and organized.  I’m ahead here, but the ideas is to concentrate heavily on this for the first part of the year.
  • Content 1,000+ words. I’m technically behind schedule here.  But, I’ve got 4-5 posts that are in various stages of completeness, and once I complete them I can catch up.
  • Other Content.  I’m on track with writing smaller length posts and such.
  • Write Guest Posts.  With my concentration on trying to improve my SEO stats, I haven’t reached out to any bloggers yet.  But I will.
  • Page Visits.  I’m way behind, but I’m hoping that my SEO work will eventually pay off, and that I can make up some ground by the end of the year.
  • Blog Income.  Making money off of the blog has never been a big focus of mine.  I promise I won’t make it the main focus, but I might do some work here and there to generate some extra income.  Again, the idea in my mind is that the SEO improvements would help this build momentum throughout the year.  We’ll see.

That’s it.  Those are my goals and how I’m doing so far.

Readers, how are your goals going?  Be honest, do you even remember what goals you set?  If so, let me know how you’re doing. I’d love to share stories and keep each other motivated.

2 thoughts on “2019 Goals – February Check In”

  1. I didn’t set any goals officially, but I suppose my current goal is to lose the last 10 extra pounds I have on me. So far, that’s had mixed success. I gained a little weight, which made no sense because I stuck to my diet so I think it was a new medication I started, and that discouraged me enough that I fell off my diet a bit. So the new goal is to get back on track now that I’m working out and get into my brand new size 8 jeans. It’ll take me about 5ish lbs before those fit again, but that’ll be a nice halfway point to celebrate.

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