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This year I set twelve goals that I could track numerically.  Each goal is pretty cut and dry.  I'll either hit it or I won't.  Now that January is wrapped up, here is my update for the months.

climb to your goals

January Highlights

  • Sick.  I got a pretty nasty cold that kept me slowed down a bit.  I pushed through it and didn't miss any work.  Truthfully, I probably should have slowed down physically a bit more than I did.  But, I made it through.
  • Weather.  The weather in Michigan has been pretty crazy.  The first 10 days or so of the month were way above average.  Then, we got stuck with a cold snap.  We had a pretty decent snowfall earlier this week, and we're now seeing a cold snap on top of the cold snap.  This is bringing record breaking low temperatures.
  • Kids.  My son started basketball practice.  He also placed 5th (out of 19) in his Cub Scout Pack's Pinewood Derby.  My daughter continued her dance lessons and sold over 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

On Track

Personal Goals

  1. Steps.  My goal is to have my 7-day step total equal 125,000 or more for 90% of the time.  I was over this count for 30 of 31 days this month, or a 97% rate.
  2. Run.  My goal is to run an average of 3 times per week.  I met this goal for January.
  3. Walk.  I would like to go for a long walk an average of 2 times per week.  I just came in on track with this goal.
  4. Body Composition.  My goal was to average 161.0 pounds.  I actually came in a full pound below that.  This was kick-started by me getting a cold, which curbed my appetite.  But, even after the cold went away, I've been able to keep below my weight.

Blogging Goals

  1. SEO Improvement.  I've been making some steady improvement on SEO for the site.  I've consolidated my categories, updated a few things on the page, and taken care of some back end requirements.  I'm technically ahead of schedule, but that's by design, since my true goal is to get everything done by mid-year.
  2. Writing 1,000 word posts .  I'm glad to say that I've picked up my writing and have written the number of posts I want.  Some are published, and some are in queue.
  3. Writing other posts. I don't want all of my posts to be long ones.  Some are just to catch up or are like this one.  I think a mix is important.  I've hit my goal on other posts.

Not On Track

Personal Goals

  1. Sell items on Facebook Marketplace.  I haven't sold any items yet.  It's been kind of busy plus we've had bad weather, which doesn't make me want to either leave stuff on the porch or have people come over.  I'm not really worried about this, since selling items tends to go in bursts.  Once I get going, I can probably sell a few at a time, and catch up.
  2. Reading.  I want to read 65 books this year.  That's 5.3 books per month.  I came in slightly below that, with 4.7 books in January. I figure the summer months, when I read a lot while camping, will hopefully be when I can make up for any shortfalls.

Blogging Goals

  1. Write guest posts.  I didn't write a guest post.  I'd like to submit one per month.  I'm OK with this, though, as I wanted to get a couple of posts ahead on my own blog before writing content for others.
  2. Page visits.  I've improved my page visits, but I expect to be way behind on this, as I'm hoping for steady growth throughout the year.  The SEO improvements will hopefully help.
  3. Income.  I barely made anything on my blog this month.  Bummer.  This is another one that, if I hit it, will probably be back loaded.  I figure the page visits and SEO improvement would guide this.  Plus, I really need to revamp my entire strategy.
stairs progress goals

Climb to your goals.


I hit 7 goals and missed 5 for the month.  But with the reading goal really close, and the three blogging goals not ones I expected to hit, I'm considering it a good month.

How are the goals you set going? Have you given up on any goals or are you sticking with your goals?  What do you think of my progress?